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This has been a busy week. Reid has been getting a lot better with his hand-foot-mouth disease. His rash is healing up nicely. Ruby never got it, which is great. I was pretty sick over the weekend with just a sore throat (red with white spots too), and really bad body aches. But I was mostly better by Monday, which was Memorial Day, so Andy had it off. That was nice.  On Sunday we were all standing around in our bedroom and Reid was holding onto the door, when suddenly he took off and walked about 8 wobbly steps to the bed! We were all in shock. We kept trying to get him to do it again and he wouldn't. It was the funniest thing. He will go from one piece of furniture to the other with a few steps in between. I'm sure walking a lot is in his near future. He had his one year appointment today with a new doctor up here in Beaverton. He was 22 lbs 10oz and 30 1/2 inches tall. He's getting so big! He was in the 59th percentile for weight, and 66th for height. He seems like suc…

Two sick kids

This week has been a little bit brutal. Both kids have been sick. On Sunday, Ruby threw up on the way home from church, and then had a fever for a day or so. Then on Wednesday, Reid got a fever and was super fussy. We're pretty sure he has hand-foot-mouth disease. It really hasn't been fun, and I'm pretty sure I have it too. Bleh. Hopefully we'll both recover quickly and Andy and Ruby won't get it too...
Aside from being sick, Reid has been really about to walk. He'll take a little step here and there, like he could walk but just doesn't think that's an option. Andy said he'll probably go from crawling to running in about a day, which I think is probably accurate. He's just such a fun little guy, too. He loves to wrestle and play. The kids have been playing together pretty well, except of course when Ruby takes Reid's toys he puts up a big fuss. And she's not super gentle when she tries to wrestle him.
Ruby has been a little less tired …