Thursday, February 21, 2013

Words words words

 Ruby spent all week trying to repeat everything we say. It's so cute to hear her copy us. She can't make all the sounds yet, so most words sound like "aa-dee" and "ba-dee" and "dope." She also learned to click her tongue this week. Andy has been working hard at getting Winter Camp ready for our high schoolers and middle schoolers this coming weekend, and we'll get to go too! It will be interesting trying to keep a toddler warm in the snow, but we've got snow clothes so we should be okay. We can always come home if it gets too bad. 
Ruby has been eating a lot more at meals. Her favorite foods right now are still chicken, black beans and cheese, but she also really likes yogurt and most fruits. She'll eat almost anything we put on her tray, or at least try it. The picture at the top is from Mommy's eye appointment. She didn't like trying on glasses.
 Bedtime story with Mommy.
She's getting good at getting her legos to go together sometimes! 
 Trying to walk in shoes. She did pretty good.
 Helping Mommy with the laundry.
 We went to Wilco to look at the baby chicks yesterday. She loved them!
 Pans and lids are fun.
 She learned where Mommy's nose is, and then where her nose is this week. Then she did this.
 She loves looking out the back window at the chickens in the yard. And we go collect the eggs every day.
She's a busy, busy girl! But lots of fun.


  1. Just really cute. I love how they just develop right in front of your eyes!
    The nose picture made me laugh! I miss her and you and Andy a lot!!!

  2. This is adorable! I don't have a child, but my friends baby turned one recently and it's so cool to see how quickly they can talk and grasp concepts.
    Jillian -


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