Wednesday, January 11, 2012

38 Weeks


The baby’s getting big and we’re pretty much ready for it to come out Now we just have to wait until it’s done being in there. I think it’s about 7 pounds and 18-19 inches long. We can’t wait to meet our little one.

At my midwife appointment on December 30th they took a culture to test for Group B strep, but the lab lost it, or they didn’t come pick it up or something. So we had to re-test on Friday and Carol called me on Sunday night to say that the test was negative. So I’m glad we don’t have to worry about that.

My dad built us this beautiful dresser and brought it up on Monday night! We love it. It’s so nice to have lots of drawer space to put baby things. The rest of our cloth diapers came yesterday, so I’ve been prepping them. I think we have everything ready for our baby to come! I’ve been trying to get loose ends wrapped up at work so they will be fine while I’m gone. It’s kind of hard not knowing when I’ll go into labor for planning purposes. I’m going to work until the 27th unless I go into labor before that. Then maternity leave! I’m very excited.

The comments I get from people are funny. Some people think I look small for being almost due, and other people think I look big (mostly family members). I think I’m just right and that the baby will be average size probably. At my midwife appointment today I measured 34 cm. Last time it was 36 cm. That means the baby has dropped into my pelvis! I'm feeling more pressure down there and my belly feels heavier. Our appointments now consist of checking my urine and my vitals, listening to the heartbeat, and answering any questions. Since I go every week, I don't have too many questions each time. We're all getting excited for this baby to be born!

Changes this week: I never know if I’m going to sleep well or not. Some nights I sleep okay and only get up 2 or 3 times, other nights I’m up 6-7 times and am awake for an hour or two in the middle of the night. It’s frustrating and then I’m tired all day. Well, I’m tired all day anyway I’d like to at least be rested for the labor/birth, because I know I won’t be rested with a newborn.

I took a top down photo of myself yesterday to give you a perspective of what I see when I look down :)


  1. You are so cute, Jill!! The top down picture looks like a triangle. I can identify with you about getting things at work ready to be gone.. I'm trying to work ahead, not exactly knowing when we will leave, plus training someone new to be there. It will all work out OK!!

    See you soon.. all three! Can't wait to hold the little one.

  2. So soon, I can't wait!


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