Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Play time! And Whole30

We've had a lot of fun playing this week. And Reid has been doing really good at potty training! He still has accidents every few days, but for the most part he goes in the potty. :) He has been so easy, which is a huge blessing.

Ruby's tooth is getting super loose, I think she'll lose it in the next few days. She is so excited, but also a little nervous about it hurting. Also, I think it's time to register her for Kindergarten next year. How is she so old already??!!

Some funny things Reid says: 
When he's talking about something low or on the bottom, he says "the down one" or "the up one" for the top thing.
He was talking about the difference between a "story" and a "conversation" the other day.
Reid was eating grapes the other day and was saying "Mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmm" while shaking his head.
I said, "Reid, do you know how funny you are?"
And he said, "Yeah, weawwy funny."

We also started the Whole30 this week! It's an eating plan where we cut out a bunch of potential allergen/sensitive foods, and then reintroduce them after 30 days to see if we have reactions. And it's just a super healthy way to eat anyway. We cut out all dairy, legumes, grains, and sugar (even natural sweeteners). The kids are doing great so far with it! The first day or two they wanted regular milk and Reid wanted all the bread things (bagels, pb&j, english muffins), but now they're used to it. The only other thing was that on Friday at our small group, someone made chocolate eclair. Ruby was sad she couldn't have one and said, "I don't want to do the Whole30 anymore." It was sad. But at school she gets special treats like apple chips and fruit leathers when other kids get treats, and she likes that.
We had two friends over last Friday! They actually played together really well. It was our friend William, and one of Joel & Dana's foster boys. 
 The balloon things, the kitchen, and the cars were all big hits.
 My workout buddy!
 Our toilet broke on Saturday. It wasn't filling up and it took forever to figure out why. I'm thankful for a handy husband! We were nervous because it's our only one, 4 of us use it, and we had friends coming over that night. Thankfully he got it all working by the time they came.
 Sweet girl napping. She still naps about twice a week. I like to nap with her on the weekends.
 The Lloyds came over for dinner, which was fun!
 On Sunday we went down to Grandma Patty and Grandpa Del's for dinner. The kids love tacos.
 Playing "baby and Daddy."
 Dance party!
 Little Reid had a little fever on Tuesday, so we stayed home and had a pajama day. I was also feeling super tired. Then later he was rubbing his ear, and we figured out he had an earache. Thank the Lord for ear drops from Whole Foods, those have saved us lots of trips to the doc and antibiotics! And it feels good for the kids to have them in their sore ears. He also really liked it when I rubbed down below his ears toward his throat, like my mom used to do for me. :)
 Make-shift play car.
 On our pajama day... Ruby did my hair for a while. She even got out lots of bowls to do the hair color.
 Ruby was my trainer for a workout! She made up all of the moves and did pretty good!
We were giving Reid 3 blue M&M's every time his tractor gets to the end of his potty chart, but for the Whole30 I thought of switching it to blueberries. It was a big hit! I think he likes them even more than the M&M's! 
 Reading together. They've been fighting a lot lately, but it is so sweet when they get along.
 Every Wednesday when Reid and I go to Winco, we stop to watch the construction tractors.
 He LOVES it.
 Ruby has been doing so good with her pennies! She's getting more and more every week, and less taken away for being naughty.
 On Thursday we met a new friend for coffee, the kids did really good. We all had chamomile tea and brought our own snacks (fruit and nuts). They loved the fountain!
 He's been eating really well! He'll try almost anything. Ruby has definitely been doing better.
 She set up a little dinner for all of us.
 And she prayed a very sweet prayer.
Then she got all dressed up and brought me a "birthday present." I think she wore at least 3 different outfits that day. Haha She is really good about putting her clothes in the hamper or back in her drawer though without me asking!

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