Wednesday, December 28, 2011

36 Weeks


We're in the last month until our due date! Only 4 weeks left, but honestly, I'm expecting to go over the due date. So we may have a little longer than a month. We'll see :)

Christmas was wonderful this past weekend. We went down to my family's house on Friday afternoon and got back on Monday. My sister and family, my brother, and my Grandma were all there (and obviously my parents). My mom and dad let us have their bedroom, which was so nice, especially since I had to get up and use the bathroom several times a night. We ate lots of good food, and even had a little baby shower on Monday with my extended family. It was so nice to be home.

We were supposed to have a midwife appointment this morning, but I got a call that the midwives were with a lady in labor so it got moved to Friday morning. I'm curious to see what position the baby is in. I think it's still left occiput anterior which is great... the ideal birthing position. I feel like it's starting to get cramped, because when it moves I feel it in several different places. It's really fun feeling it move around, except when a foot tickles me behind the ribs when I'm trying to sleep. That has only happened a few times though :)

We got some more money at our baby shower, so on the way home from Grenada we stopped at Costco in Medford and found a pack n play and a carseat for way inexpensive! And today we went into Salem and found a glider on Craigslist that is in great shape. Then we went to Target and finished buying things for our registry with 10% off. Now we just have to get some things on Amazon and we'll be set! We're good and ready for this baby to come at any time.

Changes this week: I think I'm really starting to stick out there. I still don't really look terribly pregnant from behind, but my belly sure is there. No stretch marks yet though, fingers crossed... We're getting so excited to meet our baby!!!!!

Our friend Kristen took maternity photos of us last month and gave some of them to us yesterday. They turned out very cute... so here they are!


  1. You've grown some since you left here on Monday!! Course, the baby is packing on the ounces. Take care of yourself and little one. So glad Andy is so in tune with what is happening with you. You will be great parents!! Love you so much!


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