Thursday, July 12, 2012

24 Weeks

Here's Ruby at 24 weeks. She's very interested in everything! She had another tip of a tooth pop through this week on the bottom. I thought top ones were supposed to come after the two bottom ones... I guess every baby is different! We had lots of adventures this past week and the week before. I'll share the pictures with you. It's been a fun two weeks. Today we had all of our windows replaced in our house, which was interesting. They are very nice, but it was hard because I'd get Ruby to sleep in one room and they would start working on that window, then I'd move and they'd be working in there. She napped in my arms a few times so we could move around. It's so nice to be able to open our windows now and get a breeze going!

 Ruby in the exersaucer at Aunt Cindy's. She loved it and figured out how to make it play music.
 All dressed up for church.
 At the top of the Fenn Trail hike at Kangaroo Lake. It was beautiful.
 With Grandma Debbie at Kangaroo Lake.
 Cutie patootie.
 Her eyes were red which was the first sign of her getting sick :(
 She loves looking at herself in the mirror.
 Leaning on the couch.
 Playing with Grandpa John at a 4th of July barbecue at the Rogue River.
Cousins on the 4th of July! 
 Snuggling with Grandpa.
 Uncle Randy carried her to the top of Goosenest (elevation 8284!).
 Here we are in Goosenest crater.
 Her cheeks are a bit pink from a sunburn :( I promise I put on sunscreen. 
 And then we went camping at Juanita Lake. Thank goodness for our bug shield on her stroller. The mosquitos were nasty.
 With Grandma Debbie watching her cousins swim.
All bundled up. It was cold at night. 
 Ruby's first ride in the shopping cart!
 And finally seeing her Daddy after 16 days apart. She was all smiles and laughs.
 Cuddled up in his arms.
I'm getting hungry! 
She got a carrot to chew on while we ate dinner. There were cute little teeth marks in it, but she can't bite it yet. Just a few more weeks until real food!
This is the most ridiculous picture. Look at those rolls. 
 And... she found her thumb.

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  1. those were very fun pictures! She changes every day! So she has 3 teeth? Wow! Love to all of you!


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