Thursday, September 20, 2012

34 Weeks

 I took some photos of Andy and Ruby this week. They turned out so sweet. They sure love each other a lot. Ruby caught a cold and the last two nights have been horrible for sleep. But she's still pretty happy during the day. She started scooting forward a little bit yesterday, so I'm sure crawling, or at least army crawling, is right around the corner. 
 She mostly sleeps on her side/tummy now.
 Playing with Sophie.
 At a wedding on Thursday. She's such a popular baby. :)
Swim time in the bath with Daddy... 
...resulted in a mohawk. 
 Her shark towel.
 Watching Daddy's new projector screen. Fascinating.
She can hold herself up for a little bit at the coffee table. 
And again. 
Her first real bath in the big bath tub. It was lots of fun, but harder on Mommy's back :)

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  1. Such a cutie pie!!! Miss her and you and Andy so much! Thanks for keeping the pictures coming!


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