Thursday, September 27, 2012

35 Weeks

Ruby turned 8 months old yesterday. She started army crawling this week, said "Dada," and reached out for Mommy. She's been getting over her cold slowly, and the last few nights of sleep have been better. This week Andy has vacation, so we're doing a little staycation (lack of funds to go somewhere). Except on Monday we got to take a little beach trip overnight to check out a camp for Awake (with a free place to stay). It was lots of fun, and the weather was pretty nice. Yesterday we cleaned out the garage, and today we're going to hike at Silver Falls.
 She started pulling herself up a little when she's in the laundry basket.
 She has turned into a drooly mouth breather with this cold.
 Story time with Daddy.
 Cuddling in her stroller.
 We had matching pigtails in our hair.
 Hers were tiny!
 At the coast she played her first racing game. She did pretty good, and got 28th place (out of 28).
Trying out the motorbike. 
 Happy on the beach.
 Family photo
 We stopped at the Rose Gardens on the way home.
 And went on a fun little hike through the forest in Wilsonville.
Her official 8 month picture. 
Swinging with her friend Penny.

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  1. Such a happy happy girl!!! Love her!! And you and Andy too!


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