Friday, October 12, 2012

37 Weeks

I forgot to do my blog post yesterday... oops! Here's Ruby at 37 weeks. We've had a lot of fun this week. This picture is at Old Navy trying on clothes. We had lots of fun :) She's the cutest baby ever. She has lots of fun crawling around and getting into everything. We've been getting lots of library books, and her favorite ones are the ones that she can touch (like with fur on the animals, etc). She loves music and dancing. She's ticklish just about all over and is so happy all the time. She's still getting over her cold that she's had for almost a month. She mostly has just a cough left. 
 This is how she often falls asleep, with her feet straight up in the air. Silly baby.
 Playing with her food.
 She loves her photo album.
 We went to the zoo on Tuesday. She loved the animals and had lots of fun! She may have loved looking at people more, though, which makes me think that she will love going to Disneyland next month.
Playing the drums with Daddy. 
 Giraffe! Although Mommy's teeth are more interesting.
 She had lots of fun with the Lorakeets. They were hopping on people's shoulders.
 The zoo tired her out. Feet up again... :)
 Showing off her chunky thighs.
And naptime with Daddy. Just after I took this picture she woke up a little bit, grabbed her pacifier, put it in her mouth and fell back asleep. Cutest thing ever.

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  1. I'm counting the days to get to see all of you again! She is growing up so fine and fast. Thanks for the darling pictures!!
    Love you!!


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