Thursday, April 25, 2013

Gorgeous weather and a cold...

 It's been beautiful weather this week. I've got most of my garden planted, and we've taken lots of walks to Wilco to look at the baby chicks. Ruby loves them and runs around to all of the different tanks to peek in. But on Tuesday she started getting a nasty cold, so we're trying not to overdo it. She has been up a lot at night, which means that we're all tired. So tired in fact, that she fell asleep today at lunch (see the photo below). Poor girl. Hopefully she will get better soon and we'll be able to go out and do things more. She says so many words now and tries new ones every day. One of my favorite of her new ones is "yodo" (yogurt), and she makes lots of different animal noises. I say to her "It's time for bed", and she runs to her bedroom to get out her jammies.
 Helping Mommy dust.
 She loves reading to herself and says all the animal noises if there are animals in the book.
 She has little curls in the back. I love it!
 Clown feet! Trying on Mommy's shoes.
We had Fusion on Sunday, and Ruby was running around saying "Hi" to everyone in her little whisper. At the end she made it all the way up to the stage. :) 
Drinking her "wadi." 
 Playing with Daddy.
 She took this photo.
 Coffee date!
 Exploring around McMenamins.
 She really likes walking up and down little hills.
 Riding bikes at our friends' house.
 Playing at the picnic table. Then she stood up, fell off and bit her tongue :(
 Drawing on the chalk board with Elizabeth.
 I made playdoh for us to play with on Tuesday. Ruby liked to squish it.
Riding on the horsey.
Sleeping at lunch! She kept nodding off, so we went straight to nap time.

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  1. Pretty fun pictures. I can identify with the one where she falls asleep at lunch. That's how I feel about then!! Will pray that she gets over her cold very soon! Love to all of you!


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