Thursday, April 4, 2013


We had lots of fun on Easter. We went to church, then we had a yummy ham dinner at the Hammonds' house, then we went up to the Pullens to spend the night. Ruby's also been learning a lot of new words lately, like yellow "yedow" and bunny "buddy". We're still working on night weaning too, and she has some longer sleep stretches, which is always nice. On Sunday we're heading to San Francisco for a little vacation and to visit Andy's grandma. Should be fun!
 I brought her into bed with us one day when she woke up early... sleeping angel.
 Visiting Daddy at work.
 Swinging at the park! This week the weather was really nice!
 Sliding with Daddy.
 Sweet smile with lots of teeth.
 We made a fire pit on Saturday night.
 Hunting for Easter eggs!
 She liked the kitty and says "weow".
Found one! 
 Easter picture with Mommy.
Napping on the way up to Portland. 
 Playing with Daddy.
 Snuggles with Mommy.
She sat in some water with her brown pants on, so I had to put her in these pink pants from her diaper bag and she was wearing all pink. An older man at the grocery store thought she was a boy! Silly man.
 Sitting on the diaper bag.
 We called Uncle Randy to say Happy Birthday this morning. Ruby says "happy da da."
Giving Daddy a hug. We've gotten tons of hugs and kisses this week.

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  1. What more could you possibly want for your 30th birthday than the love of this sweet girl gift? She is a sweetie! Can't wait to see all of you!


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