Thursday, February 5, 2015

39 weeks: Ruby's birthday party!

We finally were better enough this week to have Ruby's birthday party! Yay. I am getting really stir crazy around this house. I'm not putting my kids in the nursery for at least another week or so, just to make sure they're recovered before exposing them to the germs there. We haven't been going out much for that reason either, and we're not spending any money this month, so I can't go hang out at Target or anything either. We did go to Target last week, and then Reid got snotty again a few days later. It's either from another mild cold he picked up or from his giant molar about to come in on his right bottom side. The poor guy, it seems like it really hurts; it's swollen and I can see/feel the tooth right below the surface. He was sleeping in our room while he was so sick, and I've been trying to get him back at least sleeping in his bassinet all night and not in my bed. He did really well last night, so tonight he's in his crib in Ruby's room. I'm hoping it goes well. I've been so exhausted from lack of sleep. Last night I went to bed at 8:30 and Andy got up with the kids at 6:30, and I slept until 7:10. That was so nice, and I'm feeling a lot better today.
Reid has been scooting all around on his bottom or laying on his tummy. He just can't go forward yet. It's so cute. We're having to make sure all small things are picked up around him. And he started saying, "Ma ma ma" this week! He says it at me, so I'm pretty sure he's trying to say Mama. That makes me so happy, because Ruby didn't say it until about 14 months or so. Now he says, "Da, ga, ba, ma" and he clicks his tongue.
The other day I was wiping Ruby up from lunch and she said, "Mom, you're a good mommy." It melted my heart, such sweet words. I sure love my kids a lot.
I've been meaning to do not as many pictures, but I just can't help it. Our kids are too precious. :)
 Pretty braid.
 We were playing "pitch."
 We went to Aiden's house on Friday night. We stayed a little late and the kids were kind of a mess when we got home. That and Reid's tooth and cold all didn't help.
 Face Time with Grandma Debbie.
 She likes to empty and re-fill the trash cans.
 Taking a nap on the floor.
 We stayed home from church on Sunday, so we had a staff meeting in the kitchen with all of her guys.
 And then we did Sunday School and talked about Jesus dying on the cross. This is where she got all excited and said, "And then he came alive again!" She's really good at drawing crosses.
 Her hair is getting long!
 We had a bit of a potty relapse while we were all sick, so now it's back to undies. She'll get it soon.
 Poor guy. He likes to chew/suck on a wet wash cloth.
 During the Super Bowl. Ruby got her snack plate and took it to the dining room to eat.
 "Flying a kite" with the blind cord.
 The big girls were drawing tattoos and Ruby wanted one.
 Daddy held Reid a lot.
 Ruby did most of the puzzle with a little help from Mommy.
 Eating tiny pieces of banana!
 Ruby dictated this to Daddy for Grandma to send in the mail. So cute.
 Post nap.
 Cake time! Ruby and I had fun making and decorating her cake together.
 Licking her lips. :)
 Walking with help from Daddy.
 Sister drew on his forehead. He's so cute.
 Happy Birthday Ruby!
She loves blowing out candles.
 Ruby's friends Karley, Aiden and Hannah.
 Eating her cake. She started out at her table...
 And then took it over to the coffee table where her presents were.
 Opening presents.
 She had fun playing her new instruments with her friends. 
 The next morning I was changing Reid's diaper and I noticed that it was pretty quiet out in the living room where Ruby was. I came out to this... she had gotten a leftover piece of cake out of the fridge and got a fork and was sitting in her chair eating it. Hah!!
 Bouncing is his favorite.
 We cut out Santa, and Ruby was concerned because he only has one leg (he's standing sideways).
 Handsome boy! We've been going for more walks. It's been nice to get out.
 Ruby wanted to ride her trike in the driveway.
 We love each other.
 Reid bit his tongue or his cheek at lunch and was crying really bad. So I turned on the ceiling fan and he stopped right away to watch it!
 Reading stories.
 Daddy brought home some tea cups and saucers, so we had a tea party.
 Mommy was pretty tired yesterday, so Daddy made dinner and watched the kids while I laid down.
 Trying on her pirate earring from Aunt Becca and Uncle Danny.
 Family photo. <3
 These guys really love each other.
 We went to Roth's today. Ruby always has to bring her umbrella with her if it's raining.
 He naps in here still. And he loves sticking his feet out.
 She was "going to sleep at camp." And then she said she didn't feel good and wanted Reid to be the doctor.
 Coloring in the living room.
 Cute naked baby!
Reading Reid a bed time story.

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  1. Love these! It's a weekly treat! Glad Reid is saying both da da and ma ma! So sweet. They are both such special kids!


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