Thursday, February 12, 2015

40 weeks: Finally getting out of the house, and Reid turns 9 months!

The month of January was brutal for our little family. So far, February has fared better health wise, thank God. Reid has not been having a good time with his molar coming through though. I took him to the doctor on Tuesday for a follow up from the hospital stay, and he's doing mostly all better. He has a little fluid in his ears, but didn't have an infection at that point. Last night, however, he slept horribly and he's been really fussy all day today. He also has been waking up at 5:20 pretty much every morning this week. I'm not sure if it's his molar coming in or if his ears have started hurting. If only babies could tell you what's wrong. I gave him ibuprofen before bed tonight to help him sleep better. Poor little guy. He's been through the ringer this year. And Mommy and Daddy are so tired!
Reid did turn nine months old this week. He learned to clap a few days ago, and it's really cute. He also pulled himself up to his feet for the first time! He's really starting to be able to get around, and we think that crawling is right around the corner.
Ruby has been kind of a hand full this week too. She's got a bit of a 3-year-old attitude, but we're working on it. She's been saying, "I don't feel good" when she doesn't want to do something, like come to the table, go to bed, or go potty. Most of the time though, she's so much fun, and we love to see what she'll come up with next. We've been having family dance parties in the living room more often, and those are great. The other day I got a text from Andy (while I was at the doctor with Reid) that Ruby had sung, "Be pregnant at our table, Lord." Hilarious.
Here she is playing with strawberries like they were people talking to each other.
And helping me wash dishes. "It's a boat!"
In the apron I made for her birthday.
Playing with the laundry baskets. I'm pretty sure they occupied her for 30 minutes.
I've been wearing him more because he's so fussy.
Reid's personal hair stylist.
The baby chicks are at Wilco! We went to visit them the day they arrived.
We walked there in the rain. Thank goodness for rain gear here in Oregon!
Playing together in Reid's crib.
What an interesting foot.
Kisses. They really love each other.
What a goof she is. Undies and boots.
Andy built her a teepee.
On the search for some trains.
Tickle time!
He found his foot and was laughing.
Good morning!
Ruby was raising her hands while we were singing in church like the lady in the front. So precious.
Helping Mommy roll out crackers.
His favorite toy.
And this was his whole 9 month photo session. Poor guy, I think his tooth really hurt.
The only picture of him not crying.
Classic. What a sad baby.
Ruby loves tomato soup so much that she licked the bowl clean.
Getting close!
Wearing Mommy's bath robe.
Reading bible stories together.
I roasted some root vegetables one night for dinner with steak, and then I made the leftovers into hash the next morning with over easy eggs and toast. It was soooooooo good.
Ruby went to the dentist on Monday. She did so much better than last year. Great, really.
She liked her cool glasses and didn't fuss at all. She has really good teeth, only a tiny bit of plaque on the front ones.
After that we all went on a coffee date to Archive, and then to the Carousel.
And it was pouring rain again, so we had to hurry in!
The kids loved it!
So fun.
Her horse was named Ruby Rose.
And she had some naked time before bed.
She put some table cloths on her table and wanted to have a tea party.
My nap buddy.
This is the first time he pulled himself up to his feet! Glad I had my camera handy.
At Target this morning. After I buckled her in, Ruby said, "Now I can drive to Portland."

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  1. Cute cute cute as usual!! Hope better days are ahead - more sleep at night, etc. Love you!!


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