Wednesday, August 10, 2011

16 Weeks


I can’t believe we’re 16 weeks along already. It feels like it goes so slow, but then it goes by fast too! Big Baby is now about 4 ½ inches long and 3 ½ oz. That’s about the size of an avocado. He/she is supposed to double in weight in the next few weeks. It will probably start getting heavy soon. My belly’s sticking out now, no denying it. I’m still not in maternity clothes, though. My Bella Band does the trick of keeping my pants up without being buttoned. I can still button them, but it’s uncomfortable when I sit for hours at work.

I think I might have felt the baby move the other day! I was on the treadmill and felt a little something in the lower left part of my abdomen. Then I felt it again yesterday while I was getting ready in the morning. I’m really not sure though, it might have been a gas bubble. It’s still kind of early to feel my first baby. We’ll see in a few weeks if that’s what I was feeling!

I got a pregnancy pillow in the mail this week, and it’s comfy! I’ve been sleeping a lot better since I got it, and it especially helps with my chronic back pain. Andy tried it out and said, “Are these just for pregnant women?” He steals it every morning after I get up.

We’re starting to think about a birthing class to attend. I’d like to either do the Bradley Method or Hypnobirthing, but I don’t think either are offered in the Salem area. So we might have to do something else or a Hypnobabies home study course. I’d rather attend a class, though. We’ll see what we can find. We still have some time. I just want to get good and prepared for my natural birth. I’m actually excited about the labor and birth. It will be quite an experience!

We have our middle school summer camp coming up this weekend. I’m lucky and get to sleep in the house on a bed instead of in a tent. This is mostly because I don’t want to have to deal with getting up in the night 3 times to use the bathroom from a tent, and also because I don’t function on not enough sleep and it makes me get sick. Camp will be fun, though! We’re tubing on the lake, tubing down a river, hiking, swimming, singing, camp firing, etc. Andy does a great job of putting it all together.

Our friends gave us a changing table with shelves this week, and Andy got out all of the things we have so far and set it up. It’s so cute, sometimes I just go look at it

Changes this week: Bigger belly, I think I’m starting to pop out and look pregnant instead of like I’ve been eating too much ice cream. Still super tired, still having to pee a lot. I’ve gotten a few leg cramps at night, but if I stretch them they go away. I think I’ve gained about 8 pounds at this point, which is funny since the baby is only 3 ½ oz.

Cravings this week: Gross, but I’ve been wanting macaroni and cheese. I got the Annie’s natural kind, which is a little better than Kraft I’ve been eating pretty healthy, though. Lots of fruits and veggies.

Bonus: Here's the baby's heartbeat that we recorded two weeks ago at our midwife appointment!

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  1. That was really cool to hear little grandchild's heartbeat!! So amazing! You look great, Jill. Glad you are feeling good! Love you so much!


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