Thursday, October 13, 2011

25 Weeks


The baby is up to a pound and a half now, and would probably survive fine if it was born now. It would still have lots of issues though, so hopefully it will stay in there for at least 12-15 more weeks. The ladies at work have been planning a baby shower for me, so now we have three on the calendar. They will all be lots of fun.

We’re in New York! The travel wasn’t too bad yesterday. There was a very nice lady on the plane that let me have the isle seat, so I could get up as much as I needed. Unfortunately we were in the very last row and there was a constant line for the bathroom. But it was tolerable and I wasn’t too uncomfortable. We got to New York at about 3:30pm and subwayed it to the Hepzibah House which is where we’re staying. It’s a really cool old five story house on W 75th Street about half a block away from Central Park. Then we went out on the town for the rest of the evening. Central Park is gorgeous and absolutely HUGE! We only explored a tiny part of it. We stopped by Lincoln Center to use the rest room, went to Rockefeller Center, Times Square, and sat at a table in Bryant Park and watched a fun game of table tennis. At the end of all of it my feet were hurting so we went to bed. It’s going to be a fun week, and let me tell you... I’m glad I’m not at work all week. :)

As far as the rest of the last week, I’ve been having major pregnancy brain. On Friday I turned on a burner for a pot of potatoes and turned around to do something else. When I looked back at the oven a pot holder on a different burner was pouring out smoke and burst into flames. I ran over and grabbed it and took it to the sink yelling “Help! Fire!” at Andy in the other room. It was pretty exciting, but resulted in a ruined potholder and thankfully nothing worse. And I’ve been forgetting stuff left and right. I think it’s because of my next huge issue... Insomnia. For 5 nights in a row I was awake in the middle of the night for as little as 45 minutes to as much as 3 hours. It’s horrible! Thankfully the last two nights I’ve been able to sleep better. Hopefully it won’t come back.

I started having leg cramps several weeks ago and heard an old wives tale about if you put a bar of soap under your sheets they go away. Silly, I know, but I tried it and it worked! Now that we’re in New York and I don’t have soap under my sheets I woke up about 5 times with leg/foot cramps. Maybe it’s all just in my head.

Changes this week: Sleeping issues. My belly is really getting big... I can’t believe it has three and a half more months to grow. I’m going to be huge!

Cravings this week: Water... travel makes me dehydrated. I’m not sure if I want to drink New York tap water though, so I think I’ll go buy some water bottles.

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  1. Sorry it took me so long to read this one! That is a really cute picture! I wish I could come up for all your baby showers! Can't wait to see you in person ... but I really like these blogs. Someday it will be fun for your baby to read them. Love you! Mom


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