Wednesday, October 5, 2011

24 Weeks


If our baby was born today, there’s a possibility that it could survive. That’s crazy. It’s now 1.25 pounds and as long as a banana or a corn cob. He/she has been moving so much lately! I’ll wake up in the middle of the night and just feel squirming, punching, kicking, etc. Andy saw it move from the outside in church on Sunday. I think our baby likes it at church, especially the music.

I’m reading through the bible chronologically this year, and on Saturday I read Luke chapter one. It was the story of Elizabeth and Mary, and realized that the part where Elizabeth’s baby leapt in her womb when she saw Mary is the same place I am right now in my pregnancy! I can imagine what that must have felt like for her. It was pretty cool. Andy and I have been praying for our little banana baby every night. We’ve really felt that we want to pray that he/she will grow up to be a compassionate person. That’s important to both of us, and I think that God will honor that.

I had my 24 week midwife appointment today. I’m still measuring a little bit ahead, but not by too much. Everything’s looking great so far. In four weeks I have another appointment, and then they go to every two weeks. I can’t believe that we’re almost that far already! At my next appointment they’re going to check my blood sugar just to make sure everything’s going okay because the baby is kind of big. I think it’s just because big babies run in our families (hence the nickname Big Baby). I’m not too worried. If my mom could push out a 9lb baby, I can too. J

Next week’s update will come to you from New York City!

Changes this week: I’ve been sleeping a little better, but probably only because I’m so tired. I’m having a little swelling in my ankles in the evenings, but nothing bad Iat all. I just have a line when I take my socks off. I’m pretty much in maternity clothes full time now, except for a few pairs of pants I can still wear with my Bella Band.

Cravings this week: I made a chicken pot pie from scratch on Sunday, which I’ve been craving for about two years J It really hit the spot. I’m still really wanting/eating lots of fruit.

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  1. 24 weeks!!! You are 3/5 there! You look great. That baby is growing. Can't wait to see you. Put your feet up at night! Watch your salt intake... you need it for sure but go easy - might help with the swelling to do a little less salt. Morton makes a great Lite salt - it's half salt.

    Love you so much. Be careful in New York City!!!


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