Friday, June 15, 2012

20 Weeks

Ruby's getting so big! She's a ton of fun. She loves being tickled and she loves being around people. Last weekend she got to be babysat by Grandma Patty while Mommy and Daddy went to the movies. Then the next day she helped us do yard work. She can roll over if we put her arm in the right position, but still isn't quite doing it all by herself. Soon though! She was sleeping horribly because of her cold, but the last two nights have been much better now that she's on the mend. I'm trying to get her on a nap schedule-ish so she takes three naps a day, and that's working out pretty well.
 Watching the doggies wrestle.
 Riding in the car with Jeffrey up to Portland.
 Yummy Sophie the Giraffe.
 Cuddle time with Daddy.
 Yard work day!
 Lounging with Daddy in the yard at home while Mommy works in the garden.
Switzerland onesie from our friend Carrie. 
 Naked tummy time!

 Think we have enough bibs?
I'm a big girl now!!

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  1. Wow, she is growing up so fast!!! Enjoy each moment! Can't wait to see you both! Praying for Andy as he gets ready for the big trip!
    Love you all!


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