Tuesday, June 5, 2012

18 Weeks

I wrote this on Thursday, but apparently I forgot to post it!

Ruby had her 4 month Dr. appointment on Tuesday, and she weighs 16 lbs 11 oz! That's in the 91st percentile for weight, and she was 25 inches long, which is the 75th percentile for height. She's doing very well and is healthy. She got a few shots, and Tuesday afternoon she cried for about half an hour. It was sad. She's been a little stuffy and fussy since then, I'm not sure if it's related... Sleep hasn't been great. She'll go to bed around 8pm, and then wake up at about midnight, 3 or 4, and then 5:30, 6:15, and every 10 minutes after that until she's ready to get up at 6:45 or so. It lends to not much sleep for Mommy, but we're surviving! She's so sweet during the day that I don't mind her getting up at night. She's still sleeping in the bassinet next to our bed. It's much easier getting up with her when she's right there instead of having to go into her room.
What a sweetie.
 Janna got her these rad sunglasses
 Morning snuggles with Mama.
 Her 4-month picture.
 She's so dramatic when she sleeps.
She put the ducky there herself :) 
 All ready for swimming this summer!
 Snuggles with Daddy.
 This play gym makes her sleepy sometimes!
 Sitting all cute.
Mmmm. Toys.
I made her this dress. It's a little big still, but it should fit this summer.

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  1. Thanks for posting these pictures - I was wondering what happened! We love the bath modesty picture! She is so precious, can't wait to see you and her. Hi to Andy!!


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