Thursday, June 21, 2012

21 Weeks

Ruby will be 5 months old on Tuesday!! I can't believe it. And she got her first tooth on Friday. She had been fussy for a few days, and then I noticed that it had popped through at our friends' daughter's first birthday barbecue. It was pretty fun (see picture below). We're heading to my parents' house for two and a half weeks while Andy is in Mexico, so my next few posts will be from there. We're sad to be apart for so long. And on another sad note, we found a great home for our doggies. We sure do miss them (but not all the fur!). I think they'll be really happy there. Hopefully we'll get to see them again someday.
We also celebrated Andy's first Father's Day on Sunday! It was lots of fun and included a ride on a miniature train up in Mollala. He's such a wonderful Daddy, and Ruby sure loves him.
 My cutie patootie.
 Karley's birthday party. Kids from left to right: Penny, Ruby, Hannah Bruggeman, Haley, Josiah, Karley, Logan, Hannah Wilson, Collin. All buddies :)
 Playing with Daddy.
It was hot a few days this week! 
Snuggling in her carseat. 
 Train ride!
 We all had fun.
 Sleepy baby.
 I love this bib. And Ruby's getting so pretty.
 First tooth!

 With our friend Abbie Reece.
We went to Riverfront park in Salem yesterday and had lots of fun.

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