Thursday, August 2, 2012

27 weeks

 We had quite the week! Ruby turned six months old on Thursday and started solid food, so here's another picture of her as avocado face. She loves it. I fed her sweet potato yesterday, and she loves that too. It's so cute when she grabs for the spoon. We took her to Awake over the weekend (middle school camp), and she had tons of fun. We boated, hiked, and spent lots of time with people. On Tuesday we went to her 6 month appointment. She weighs 19lbs 8.8oz and is in the 96th percentile. She's 26.5 inches tall. She did really well with her shots this time and only got fussy once or twice but was easily consoled.
 Sailing with Daddy.
 She started pulling just her right sock off all of the time.
 Adoring people.
 Tired on the hike. Daddy carried her all the way up and down.
 With lots of boys!
 More adoring middle schoolers.
Exhausted after a long weekend! 
Naked tummy time. Just after this she rolled over onto her back by herself twice. First time! 
Her hair's starting to really grow. And she's starting to scoot on her back a lot. She can also sit up really well unsupported. My baby's growing up!

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  1. So fun to watch her grow!!! She is so sweet. Can't wait to see her this weekend!!


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