Thursday, August 23, 2012

30 Weeks

 What a crazy week we have had! And it's not over yet. We started out Friday by going out to breakfast. Ruby was super cuddly. Then Saturday we went to our friends' house in Beaverton for the day. Sunday afternoon we had lunch at someone's house then up to the Pullen's house for a wedding party for Aaron Walker. On Monday Andy spent time with Ruby and sent me off to get a pedicure (which was fantastic :), and the evening was spent driving up to Aunt Paula and Uncle Paul's house to hang out with them, Heidi, Maddie and Jack. Tuesday evening we had a potluck picnic in the park and dessert with the Hodgson's to meet their nephews. Yesterday Patty came down and we had lunch and went peach picking. Like I said, crazy. Ruby started getting a cold on Friday on top of it all. So she's been stuffy and has had some late nights. She's still happy most of the time though. We are spoiled with such a sweet baby.
 Playing with her horse from Aunt Cindy. 
 On Monday I came home to this.
 Sitting in a big chair.
 Playing with her second cousin Jack.
 On a walk with the cousins.
 The three chubby babies. These twin boys are just a few weeks younger than Ruby.
And she's fighting off the boys already. :) 

 Sweet girl.
 Sucking her thumb... I wonder if it will become a habit.
 Reading Mommy's Bon Appetit magazine.
 I'm not sure if she's yawning or singing.
 This morning in her cute jammies.
This is how she sleeps most of the time.

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