Thursday, August 9, 2012

28 Weeks

 We had lots of fun this week! On Friday Ruby and I drove to Medford for my cousin Jordan's wedding. We stayed with Aunt Cindy and Uncle Dan, and Grandma and Grandpa an Uncle Randy were all there as well. Ruby had lots of fun with her cousins and second cousins. The wedding was Saturday evening, and it was HOT (106!). We survived though and went to my parents' house on Sunday through Tuesday. Then home and an adventure in Portland yesterday with Daddy.
All dressed up for the wedding. 
 Grandma and Grandpa with their grand daughters.
Ruby with her cousins and second cousins Jonny and Jack. 
Ruby and Mommy. 
 Uncle Randy reading to his nieces and nephew on Sunday morning.
We went swimming at Uncle David and Aunt Jenni's house. Ruby had fun. 
 Sitting in her new crib made with love by Grandpa John.
She loves the piano! 
We went down to Lake Siskiyou with the DeRosses. 
She really likes the water. 
 Sitting with Grandpa John.
In the water again with Daddy.

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  1. Enjoyed all of the above!!!! So glad we are "close" proximity to each other!! Glad for the reunion for you both with Daddy Andy!

    Love you!

    checking in from Wendover, Utah!


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