Thursday, December 20, 2012

47 Weeks

It's been a good week. We love Ruby so much. She's the best. She says a few words now, including "Hi" and "This" (although she says that for everything). And she just babbles all day long; it's adorable. We both really love this age. She's walking while she holds on to our fingers, but she almost can do it by herself. She's curious about everything, and crawls all around the house. She dances the moment music comes on, and is such a charmer. She loves everyone she meets. I think she knows what "No thank you" means. I had a bit of a cold this week, but thankfully Ruby hasn't gotten it. 
 That bath water is so interesting.
 The latest bath photo. She sure loves the bath tub.
 Still chubby :)
 Mommy Ruby cuddle time.
 It snowed on Tuesday morning!
 She's so cute when she sleeps.
 With a beard like Daddy. She likes my Christmas Ducky as well.
 Reading a book from the library.
 Playing the piano with Daddy.
 Playing with her second cousin Jack.
 Being gentle with her second cousin Sam.
 Excited about her bath (plus a cute baby bum)!
 Family coat from when my sister was a baby.
She loves music!

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  1. So adorable is our Ruby!! What a cutie! Keep the pictures coming - she is growing up so fast! Thanks!


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