Saturday, December 1, 2012

44 Weeks

Wow, it's been quite a week! Thanksgiving, Ruby turned 10 months old, and a fantastic trip to Disneyland. She did s great in the 45+ hours we spent in the car. We really have been blessed with the happiest baby ever. She even got a new molar in and has a cough still. She learned to crawl really well this week too. Here are lots of photos from our trip!
 Ruby loved Thanksgiving dinner. Especially the turkey andMommy's green beans.
 The Wetzig girls on our Thanksgiving walk.
 Cutie pie in the morning.
 Just about to walk into Disneyland!
 Her first ride.
 She loved the shows the best. We watched Fantasmic, World of Color, and the Fireworks.
 Then she and Lia would crash every night on the way out of the park.
 Looking at the ducks and the water with Mommy.
 Cute little princess.
 Our little family in our favorite place.
 Riding the carousel with Daddy.
 She loves animals.
 Her first taste of ice cream.
Walking down Main Street, USA. She giggles every time she gets to walk.
 I love this picture with Uncle Randall.
 She's out!
Her first taste of lemon at Chili's on the way home. She kept going back for more :)

We've always looked forward to taking our children to Disneyland some day, and it was wonderful. Ruby's favorite rides were It's a Small World, The Little Mermaid, and Pirates of the Caribbean. She loved being entertained by her cousin Lia and got to ride next to her all the way down and back from LA. We had tons of fun and made lots of special memories with our Peach.

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  1. So glad we were a part of this entire week of her life!! It was so fun to see her light up at Disneyland and enjoy her family! Love this girl!


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