Thursday, February 7, 2013

A photo shoot

Miss Ruby is really walking well. She likes to walk all around the house, going down the hall then back, then over to the kitchen and back. It's too cute. Half of the time she laughs while she walks. The poor girl had diarrhea for about 4 days this week, but she's feeling much better now. We did a little photo shoot on Tuesday, and some of the pictures turned out really well. It helps that we have a very photogenic baby. She's so much fun to watch and interact with. She keeps us cracking up constantly. We absolutely love being her parents.
 Silly girl.
 Red red red at Target.
 She loves getting into the cupboards.
She has always loved bath time!
 This is how she likes to sleep... folded in half.
 Naked baby!
 Fun with Mommy.
 Playing Legos with Daddy. She really likes it when we put them together and she gets to take them apart. She hasn't figured out how they go together yet. She's also getting good at putting them back in the bucket.
 On a nice afternoon walk.
 Those socks don't really stay on.
 More from the photo shoot.
 My favorite :)
 My other favorite. She really wanted to play with my camera and was upset.
 Story time with Daddy.
 Getting into the toilet paper! We've started keeping the bathroom door shut.
On the move. 
 Silly girl eating cheerios.
 More from the photo shoot.
 I love her wet lips.
Outside is interesting.

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  1. great pictures of a beautiful girl! Are we losing the term "baby?' She is growing up so fast! Glad she is a lot of fun. Wish we could see her more often. Thanks for posting these!

    Love, mom


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