Friday, February 1, 2013

First Birthday/walking

Miss Ruby turned one this week! She's getting so big. She also learned how to walk, and can go pretty far on her own now. Lots of advancements! I uploaded a ton of photos from her party and the rest of this week for your enjoyment (although everyone who reads this blog was there :). We had lots of fun with family and friends at her party.
Ruby started saying some new words this week too. She says "Badada" for banana, "De ahh" for The End when we finish a book, and "Ahh da" for all done, with the sign. It's the cutest.

Ruby's cake. It didn't look so good at first, but I rescued it with the help of my 
Mom and it turned out great.
Both of her cakes together. We had so many people that I made a chocolate and a vanilla cake.
The birthday girl in the morning.
After getting dressed.
With Mommy and Daddy and her cakes and decorations.

At the party
Trying to keep up with the big kids.
Ruby and her pile of presents.
 She had lots of fun opening them.
 Blocks in a cart made by Grandpa John.
 She loved that purple bow the best. :)
 Clothes from Aunt Becca.
Cake time! She tried to touch her candle. 
 She made a funny face, then ate it very dainty and lady like.
No smashing it in her face. 
She did share it with Daddy though.
She loved it.
After the party we played Battleship with some of the Pullen and Wetzig siblings (Quin won).
 First birthday photo with Mommy.
 And she started walking that day. 
 Ruby red.
 First trip to the dentist!

 Walking to the dining room.
 Trying to climb on her wagon.

 This is her bassinet that she slept in as a little baby.
 Cutie pie in red.
 Tape sure is fun!
 Bath time!
She got into her apple puffs in the diaper bag, opened them, and started eating them. :)
Here's a video of her walking.
And one from her birthday.
And last but not least, here's a photo collage I made of Ruby's monthly photos during her first year.

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  1. What a fun birthday week!! So glad we could be a part of it. She is just so cute and fun. We all adore her - she gift of God to you and Andy and all of us!


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