Thursday, March 7, 2013

Dollies and hugs

Ruby has really started to understand what’s going on this week. She started hugging her dolly and bear and she brings me books to read to her. She also knows what babies are and says "baby" whenever she sees one in a picture or at the store. She can point to your nose and says “no-ts.” Yesterday I asked her where her ball was, and she looked around for it, then saw it in her bucket and went to get it for me. She has a lamb with a wind up that plays music, and she likes to do it herself. It’s so much fun watching her learn new things.
I'm thinking Ruby's going to switch to just one nap soon. Her morning naps have gotten later and later, and more inconsistent. It will be nice when I can run errands in the mornings and put her down after lunch for a longer nap. I think I'll see if she's ready to do that next week after the time change.

Daddy getting Ruby ready to go.
The weather was so nice that we went to the park to swing.
 Being silly at breakfast.
She sure loves her baths. 
 All dressed for church with pigtails.
 Some of our middle school girls came over Sunday afternoon. Ruby had lots of fun with them.
 Making a big mess, but she loved the spaghetti!
 Putting her legos together.
 She especially loves books with pictures of babies.
 Andy brought home these two giant mooses from church, and this is Ruby's first introduction to them.
 Hugging her dolly (with her face).
 Climbing in the cupboard again.
 She loves the moose. She keeps giving them hugs and petting them.
 All clean.
Playing with the moose again.

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  1. The mooses are fun! She looks like you Jill in her "all clean" picture. She just gets more amazingly fun all the time!! So sweet to "watch" her grow up! Thanks!!


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