Thursday, June 20, 2013


We had a fun week! We did lots of things outside and played a lot. We still had Sammie over until Tuesday, and Ruby had tons of fun with her. It got to the point where Ruby would say "Manny" in the mornings when she got up and would go look for her. Aside from all of the dog hair, she was just about the perfect dog. We also had a few different friends over this week for Ruby, and she had lots of fun. She gets along really well with other kids and is really good at sharing her toys and being nice.
One of my favorite things that Ruby does right now is in the morning when she has her yogurt, she likes to put either a piece of fruit or a cheerio on each spoonful of yogurt that I feed her. It's too funny.
 Picking a flower in the garden.
 She climbed into her toy box to look out the window.
 We went on a family walk to the park, and Ruby loved then tunnel.
 Playing "find the cheerios" with Sammie.
 It's crazy how flexible babies are.
 Face Time with Grandma and Grandpa Wetzig.
 Playing with Aiden and Sammie.
 Aiden is 11 months and had fun pushing Ruby around. She was really sweet with him.
 Morning time with Sammie.
 It gets a little messy when she wants to feed herself.
 Fort night! She had tons of fun running in and out of the blanket fort we built.
 "Helping" with the laundry.
 She tries to sort the clothes, and they end up all over the house.
 Playing with her friend Quinn (who turned 2 today).
 They're silly girls.
 Ruby's been saying "bakeg" and wanting her blanket on. She also says "bakeg" for bacon and pancake. :)
 We played hide and seek for a long time last night. This was one of Daddy's hiding spots, and Ruby wanted to climb up with him.
 Chillaxing in her new Batman chair.
Laying on the pillow that matches her clothes.
Here's a video of our hide and seek game night.

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  1. Too cute as usual!! Glad she has some good friends. So good to be up here and see her in person!! Love all of you!


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