Thursday, June 13, 2013

Zoo trip

 Doesn't Ruby look like such a big girl in this picture? I love the summer dresses.
Ruby loves to color right now and draw. She always asks for paper ("babow") and a pencil, and then she holds onto the very end of the pencil to color. It's too cute.
Yesterday I had two different 2-year-old girls over for me to babysit. Ruby gets along with her little friends pretty well. One of them was really good at saying "No! Mine", so then Ruby started saying "mine". Oh no! I'm not sure she knows what it means yet, but I think she will soon. You can't remove all of the bad influences, that's for sure. We just have to know how to parent her through them. For now, though, she's really good at sharing.
 Sitting on lids eating cheerios.
 Chubby thighs!
Her curls <3 
 Doing some yoga.
 Eating yogurt by herself and making a huge mess!
 Laying on her dolly.
 Karley just wants to feed her at our Sunday night small group.
Sweet sleeping angel. 
 Saying "baa" to some sheep.
 We got to go to the zoo this week, and that was tons of fun. Ruby really liked all of the animals, especially the elephants and the monkeys. Here she is with a sea lion swimming by right on the other side of the glass.
 It kept swimming by. I think she liked it.
 The monkey came by to say hi too.
 She loved Lilly the baby elephant.
 Petting the goats.
 Family photo.
 Feeding the little birdies.
 Riding on the elephant. It was a super fun day. Ruby really just liked running around and would squeal when we set her down. We ate some sandwiches at the zoo, then Ruby slept all the way home.
 She loves her sunglasses.
 We have our friends' dog Sammie over for the week. She's a very sweet girl, and she and Ruby get along great! Ruby calls her "Manny".
This is the only way I can get dinner made sometimes :)

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  1. I love her curiosity!! Such cute pictures of such a sweet girl! It's funny how she likes to sit/lay on things. Definitely not like her grandpa who can't stand anything bumpy in pockets, cars, chairs, beds, etc. Must not be super sensitive!

    Love you, can't wait to see you in less than a week!


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