Thursday, June 6, 2013

Outdoor activities!

It's been such nice weather this week, and we got a bike seat for our tandem bike and a tiny pool, so we've been spending lots of time outside! Ruby also loves to poke around the garden with me, running up and down the neighbor's little hill. Yesterday we sat outside under the tree and waited for Andy to get home from work. :) She's so much fun! She likes dollies, so I bought her a baby one at Target today and she's been playing with her a lot. She's quite a bit taller now than she used to be, so she can reach more on the desk and the table. She likes to get the computer mouse and click things.
Ruby locked herself in her room on Sunday morning when we were madly trying to get out the door for church. Thankfully Andy was still home and was able to take the door knob off to get her out. Yikes!
 She likes us to wrap her sheep pillow thing around her and then walks around.
 New bike seat! We've taken a couple of rides, and we all have a blast!
 Trying on Mommy's pretty necklace. She puts things on and says "cue" (cute).
 Playing sticks with Daddy at church.
 Picking flowers with Mommy at church.
 We went to Motion Monday at the Library while Andy was mowing the lawn. Ruby had tons of fun running around and saying hi to everyone, pointing out the flag, trying to plug in an extension cord, singing and dancing, and shaking the egg shakers. We'll definitely have to go again.
 Playing Super Nintendo with Daddy.
 Feeding Daddy cherries.
 Playing in the back yard. She loves the chickens.
 She's been climbing on the blankets and thinks it's so much fun.
 Reading the newspaper.
 Ready for a walk! She wanted me to put the headband on her.
Swim time! 
She loved it, until the bees came out, then we went inside to avoid stings. 
Playing in the water.
Daddy blowdrying her hair. 
 Pizza night! She kept poking it and saying "pida."
 Our tandem bike shadow :)
 I took our friend Quinn and Ruby to the park yesterday. They had lots of fun together. They especially liked going through the tunnel and playing in the water on the bottom of the slides.
 "Helping" Mommy put her diapers away.
Climbing on the blankets again. 
 We tried on her monkey costume from Aunt Cindy. So cute! She wanted it off when she discovered that she couldn't really use her hands.
 Dressed up for a hot day.
Ruby with her new dolly. 
 So cute.
Pushing her in the stroller.

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  1. She has such a sweet personality!! Love all the pictures. My favorites are the Motion Monday and pushing her dolly in the stroller. All the rest are very close seconds! Love you!


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