Thursday, July 18, 2013

Beach camp part II

Ruby looks so cool in her sunglasses. :) The last half of camp was lots of fun. My sister and her family came for two nights for a wedding, and we got to hang out. Ruby sure loved being on the beach and playing in the sand. We got home and we were all pretty tired, so Sunday afternoon and Monday were a nice time to relax.
 She pulled a bunch of money out of one of our envelopes, then said "Oh deaw."
 Playing with her sand toys.
 Baby footprints.
 She climbed up on the bag while I was unpacking to read her bible.
 Cutie pie.
 She started teething again in the last few weeks, so she has been rather fussy. Her back right bottom molar is right below the surface, so hopefully it will come in soon.
 She loves falling onto the couch pillows. Kind of like the jumping contests we used to have as kids with our cousins. :)
 The library has a summer reading program, so if we read to Ruby every day she gets prizes once-a-week. This weeks was a painting paper. She mostly just wanted to play with the q-tips and the water.
 I made an elephant (she says "ewudee"), her favorite animal, out of playdough.
 She loves her Daddy a lot. We all like to go look at the garden to see what's growing.
 Fussy girl :(
Last night we went over to our friends' house, and Ruby got to play with her girl friends (Penny, Karley and Hannah). They're all 7-10 months older than her, but she keeps up pretty well.


  1. She is loosing the baby look and looking more like a little girl everyday!! But she is still your baby, for sure! Loved the money picture! Thanks for posting!!

  2. beautiful pictures, Jillie! I flew over you twice this week. Wish I could have dropped in for a couple of hugs! Love you!


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