Thursday, July 4, 2013

Trying to beat the heat

 It's been super hot this week, and with an old house and no air conditioning, we've been spending our time trying to cool off. Ruby's been really sweet about it, aside from two nights of having trouble getting to sleep in our 84 degree house. Thankfully Andy installed our window air conditioner unit, and the weather has cooled off a bit, so now we're much more comfortable.
We have a book called "Are you my mother?", and Ruby likes to bring it to me to read and calls it "Monow." She loves when we read books to her.
 Looking at Mommy's cook books.
 Watching a little bit of Toy Story.
 Happy, hot girl.
 I just love her cheeks.
 We had a memorial service for our friends' little boy Collin on Saturday. I took Ruby over to our other friends' house to play while we went. When we showed up, Ruby and Karley had on matching shirts.
 Her first packed lunch.
 Playing the piano with Mommy.
 Getting ready for a cool bath.
 This is what Ruby looks like first thing in the morning. She's always very happy and talks a lot.
Daddy gave her a scooter ride. 
 Playing in the water at small group. She loved pouring water on flowers and running through the sprinkler. Josiah, a 4-year-old ran into her on accident and knocked her down, but she just said "Ow" and got right back up to play.
 She's been sleeping in a little later the last few days.
Breakfast with Grandma and Grandpa in Lake Oswego. She fell down and got a little bit of a fat lip. 
 Smelling the pretty flowers.
 She got a balloon at Bridgeport. She used to call it "bawai"but now she calls it "manon."
 Reading the newspaper with Mommy.
 Keeping cool.
 She loves playing in the pool.

 She helped me pick blueberries yesterday. She would grab handfulls of berries, and take a bite out of the blue ones and try to put them in the bucket.
Hanging out at Bi-mart with Aunt Becca.

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  1. Looked at these a few days ago but didn't leave a comment, sorry! She's cute as ever!!! Love the weekly pics and looking forward to this weeks. Yes, it is HOT!


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