Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sick baby

It was an interesting week for sure. Andy bought Ruby and I some shirts as a surprise gift this week :) Here's Ruby in one of hers. So cute.

We've been dealing with Ruby's temper tantrums... it's really not fun. She throws a fit when she can't have her way. I've taken to putting her on the floor by the wall until she's finished, so hopefully that will help her learn that it's not okay.
 She's getting really good at eating her yogurt with a spoon. Except that it still makes a huge mess every time. I call this one "Ruby Claus."
 Getting ready to go blueberry picking with Mommy.
 Lounging while I washed the couch cover.
 She's so flexible. It's been pretty hot, so we've gone on lots of morning walks.
 Helping Mommy with the chores.
 She spent Saturday afternoon at Grandma and Grandpa Pullen's house. She had lots of fun.

 Saturday night in the middle of the night I thought Ruby was pretty warm when I got up with her. I took her temperature on Sunday before church, and it was fine, so we went to church.
 After her nap she was super warm again. It eventually got to 102.3, which is pretty high. She was so pitiful and cuddly.
 We watched a movie.
 She snuggled with us a lot.
 We decided to feed her some applesauce for dinner, and shortly after that she threw it up. Luckily I was able to catch it and it didn't get all over our freshly washed couch cover. Poor girl, she really didn't feel well. We think it has to do with her molar coming in, because I can't think of anyone else who was sick, and neither of us got sick. We put her to bed, and she woke up the next morning fever free and feeling much better.
 The best seat in the house... Daddy's face :)
Heading up to our friends' house in Portland.
 Here's a lego creation Ruby built. She's so talented.

 Improving by the minute.

 She loves trying on our shoes.

Playing around with Mommy.

Bath time!

She likes to stand on her head.

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  1. So sorry that she was sick this past week. Glad she is doing better! Now for the fun of discipline for tantrums. All part of baby life! Love you all!


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