Thursday, May 1, 2014

Ag fest, 27 months, hot days!

 We're finally all on the mend! Andy still has a cough and congestion, and I still have some congestion too. I got a weird rash on my face this week that is really itchy and won't go away. But hopefully that's just related to our illness and it will be gone soon. We had a good week getting a lot of stuff done for the baby coming. And we took Saturday and did a few fun things too.

Ruby has had some trouble going to bed and having naps since we were in the hospital. I'm not sure why, but she has been just crying and yelling. Even when we go console her or rub her back or something. It's really sad. Today she finally laid down for her nap without a fuss, and bedtime wasn't bad either. Poor girl. One day this week, she decided to take off her pants and her diaper during her nap. Then she fell asleep, and I had to change her sheets when she woke up. She was confused. :)
 Someone has to try out the bassinet for Baby Heartbeat.
 So sweet. Ruby loves my tummy.
 And she had to try out Baby Heartbeat's carseat too. It works great for a reading area.
 Looking at the baby chicks at Wilco.
 We had a coffee date while we waited for a prescription at Safeway.
 What a silly girl! She absolutely loves to sing.
 Listening to the baby. She has finally been able to feel and see it move around, and she gets really excited about it.
 So sweet. She's going to be a great big sister.
 We made some freezer meals! She was a great little helper.
 It was a little cold waiting in line on Saturday at the Salem Ag Fest. So Ruby got some cuddles in with Daddy.
 She got to pet some baby chicks.
 And she loved riding the pony.
 Petting the alpacas. She still talks about it.
 With a wooly brown sheep.
 Cute little calf. She had tons of fun, but I think her favorite things were the tractors. We got to ride on a trailer pulled by a tractor and that was the best for her.
 27 month photo! Our girl is so big!
 She has been so cute with her stuffed animals and toys lately. She has really started doing pretend with them, and loves getting Snowy Bear a snack. She talks to him about snacks every time she goes down for her nap. And she talks to them too, like, "Where are you, Snowy Bear?" and "I'll be right back, Snowy Bear." It's the cutest.
 She was excited about putting her feet in her sink.
 On Sunday we went to Malachi's birthday party. Ruby had so much fun outside playing with the other kids and playing in their play house. I wish we had a better back yard that she could run around in. Maybe some day.
 She kept wanting to open Malachi's presents.
 Silly girl.
 Resting with her feet up.
 Feeling Baby Heartbeat move.
 Her cute pig tails after her nap.
 We did a craft project, and she learned how to use the scissors. She would cut a tiny bit and then tear it off. We made monsters.
 Giving a snack to Snowy Bear and Pablo.
 She and Daddy built a blanket tunnel yesterday morning and read stories and did puzzles.
 We stopped at the park for a little bit because the weather has been really sunny and hot the last two days!
 This is how Ruby rides on the swings.
 Big slide! She didn't actually go down it. :)
 She really loves her play kitchen.
 Having fun with Daddy.
 We did some shopping today and Ruby wanted to try on all of the sunglasses.
 It was so hot this evening that we busted out the pool! She thought the water was really cold.
It was lots of fun.

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  1. Such cute pictures! Can't wait to come up to play with Ruby!!! Praying for all of you!


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