Thursday, May 15, 2014

1 week: photo overload!

Reading to my girl.

 So sorry about the 70 photos on this post! Well, not really. I love them all. It's been quite a 2 weeks. From being huge pregnant to welcoming our little Reid. Ruby has been the best new big sister ever, she loves him. Today she was going outside, and she said, "I want a kiss first (to me). I want to kiss him. I yove you brother." So sweet. And when he was in his swing sleeping, she said, "Can you get him out? He cried a little bit." I love our kiddos so much.

Here are the pictures from the week before Reid was born:
 We made a strawberry-rhubarb pie. It made a huge mess, but it was so good!
 Eating a pie snack after nap.
 Playing at the park.
 Reading to Snowy Bear.
 She loves being naked. She always says, "I'm really naked!"
 Practicing our newborn cloth diapers.
 The view from the top.
 Walking to get donuts with Daddy. She was excited about the bus.
 Makeup time!
 Having fun at Motion Monday.
 Silly girl.
 Helping Mommy make meatloaf.
 Reading with Daddy.
 Crazy post-bath morning hair!
 More makeup.
 Super Ruby!
 Reading in Baby Heartbeat's bassinet.
 Go Giants!
 Our last walk to the park before the baby came.
Swinging with Daddy! 
So much fun... and then our lives changed forever!
In labor. Transition was hard, but this position helped. And then he came right out!!
Excited big sister. She loved watching her little brother be born.

He's here!

I love my squishy little boy. 
He was really red for a few days.
Playing with her Aunties.
 I think this is my all-time favorite photo. I love these three so much!
Me and my little guy.
 Squishy lips!
 So precious.
 Proud big sister!
 She kept kissing him and saying, "I'm really funny!" and laughing.
 He's awake!
 Holding her brother.
 Grumpy old man.
 Little angel.
 Story time with Daddy.
 So cross-eyed. And so cute.
 Squishy little guy.
 Ruby had my phone and took lots of pictures.
 This one turned out pretty good! She took about 20. :)
 First cloth diaper! They fit him really well.
 We made a lemon tart for Mother's Day. It was delicious.
 Mother's Day photo!
 Our family. <3
 So relaxed.
 Cutie pie. Love that nose.
Our first outing! We went to Motion Monday.
 Our first time in the car! On our way to run a few errands.
 I love these two.
 So precious.
 Silly Ruby! That's not where that goes.
 Big boy!
 Snuggling with Daddy.
 She sure loves him a lot.
 Reid loves his Grandma Debbie!
 Reading the Bible with Grandpa John.
 This girl... so funny.
 Nursing Snowy Bear.
 Playing with the bubbles in the bath. It got in her mouth.
 Gross Dad!
 So cute.
 What a sweetie.
 Reid got a paci last night and liked it pretty well. He's been having fussy time in the late evenings, but swaddling has helped him go to sleep and stay asleep for a while! I think last night I got a 2 1/2 hour stretch, which was lovely. Only about 5 hours total, but still. :)
 Sweet girl.
 Reid was tongue tied when he was born, and Julia clipped his frenulum the day after. He had been having trouble latching, and had lost almost a pound, down to 7 lbs 14 oz. But after that he latched on just fine, and was up to 8 lbs 2 oz on day 3. Today at one week he weighed 8 lbs 13 oz at the Dr's office! Officially above his birth weight and doing great.
 And then he got his first bath in a pink bath tub! Oh well. I'm sure he doesn't mind. :)
Ruby helped with his bath. He was not a fan and cried during most of it.

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