Thursday, June 5, 2014

4 weeks: Colic? and newborn photos

Our Reid is 4 weeks old today. He's been crying an awful lot the past week or two, and we think he's getting colicky. :( It's not so fun, but we're making it. He sometimes will cry for hours in the evening or into the night. I ordered some probiotics to help with his gassiness, so maybe that will help. Poor guy. Other than that he's doing really well. He's growing a lot and is super cute. He has started following us with his eyes, which is fun.
 Ruby loves helping with the laundry.
 Cutie pie!
 Folded in half.
 We all went to Middle School Sunday School this week. Ruby had lots of fun with the nerf gun. :)
 Sad little fox. 
 She loves him.
 We did an experiment when Daddy went to youth group on Sunday. She loved it.
 This is a big picture of Daddy.
 On Tuesday we met some friends for lunch at the park. Ruby had tons of fun on her bike with her friends.
 She loves typing.
 Playing with his toys.
 Daddy son time.
 Tummy time! He loved it.
 Tummy time with sister.
 Ruby took this photo. She's getting pretty good.
He loves his paci. 
 Sweet girl after a fun day with a friend at the park.
 Ruby got this new water toy and had lots of fun getting wet and muddy today.
 His first glimpse of himself.
 My two cuties. I love them.
We got our newborn photos back! They turned out so great. Here are a few of them. :) 

We have two beautiful children for sure. We are so thankful that we get to be their parents.

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  1. Really really really cute pictures!! I'm glad Ruby got to play at the park and I'm happy that Reid loves his paci! 4 weeks already! Hard to believe. Reid sure is growing. Love all of you!!


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