Thursday, June 12, 2014

5 weeks: Aviation Museum

This happens a lot at our house. No, just kidding. Reid has been way better with crying less this week. Praise the Lord! I don't know what was wrong before, but thankfully he's calmed down a lot. He has no more diaper rash either. I'm glad I didn't have to cut out milk, because that would have been tough. He still looks worried most of the time though. He smiled at Ruby today. :) I've seen a few little smiles too. I think he weighs about 10 pounds now. He's definitely growing and filling out. And he's way long. I can't believe he was inside of me 5 weeks ago, I must have nice fatty milk. :) Two of my friends have babies that have been diagnosed with failure to thrive, so I'm very thankful for my chunky boy.
I've had a bit of a hard last few weeks. Our house is getting to the point where every surface is piled with things. And to top it all off, our dish washer has been broken for almost a week. I just can't get to anything anymore. :( It's hard. But really worth it to spend so much time taking care of my babies.
 On Friday, Ruby, Reid and I went to the park. It was lots of fun.
 Reid had his first bottle on Friday too. He did great with it!
 On Saturday we got the library pass for the Evergreen Aviation Museum in McMinnville. We had tons of fun! Ruby thought some of the planes were "kind of scary" though.
 Playing around on the tanks.
 Ruby sized airplane.
 Controlling the cockpit.
 We weren't supposed to get into the planes, but I stuck her in this helicopter real fast just for a photo.
 She got to go on the airplane ride too, all by herself. She liked it until it went up in the air. Then there was a loud noise she didn't like so much.
 The airplanes tired us all out.
We got Ruby a water table last week, and we've had lots of fun playing.
Big boy with his worried look.
She loves holding him. I really love these two.
Reid turned one month old on Sunday! Time has really flown.
After lunch on Sunday we skipped nap time and went to a graduation party. Ruby got soaking wet in a little pool, and I hadn't brought a change of clothes for her. So she came home in a diaper.
She has been having trouble getting to sleep the past week or so. Nap and bed time have both been hard for her. I'm not sure why.
I love his cloth diapers.
Cutting her pizza like a big girl. We all went on a lunch date on Monday before I went to the dentist. Andy took both kids shopping at Winco. Brave man. :)
Watering the garden. It's growing really well! I've got lots of little peas almost ready to pick.
We did a fire pit with dough boys on Monday night with a few friends.
Good morning!
She wanted to be wrapped up like a baby and put in the bassinet. She's a little big, but it was so cute.
Fluorescent baby!
He loves sleeping with his hands up by his face.
Happy girl.
We borrowed a kids yoga dvd from the library. She likes it!
Doing the relaxing pose at the end.
Trying on Daddy's boxers.
Our friends Janna and Abbie. Abbie is going to come over one day a week during the summer to help me out with the kids. That will be so great!
Sleepy boy.
Pretty pony tail.
Ruby and I made granola yesterday while Reid slept in his swing. She loved stirring, and then loved eating it when it was done.
I found Ruby some fabric and we made her a Moby.
Ruby told me that Lupe was naughty and had to go to time out. She got her a pillow so she could sit up.
Sweet boy.
Naked tummy time!

Exploring at our friends' house.
"What is that thing?"
Helping Daddy work on the dish washer.

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  1. Fun pictures!! Growing so fine! Smiles are right around the corner! Love all of you!


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