Thursday, October 16, 2014

23 weeks: Ruby does a chore and Reid rolls over

 We've had a pretty quiet week. On Saturday night Andy and I went to our church staff/elder dinner and comedy show, and the kids stayed home with Del and Patty. I stopped by to nurse Reid in between those things, and it worked out really well! First evening out without the baby. I think it's usually harder on Mama than the baby anyway, and I did okay.
We had some really hard news this week. My Uncle David has an inoperable brain tumor and is really not doing well. We are all really sad, and we have been praying a lot. My cousins all set up a schedule so we can be praying 24 hours. My shift is in the middle of the night, 1-2am, and Andy's is from 8-9am. It's been really good to have that dedicated, mostly uninterrupted time to pray. I've been feeling connected to the Lord and to my family too. We are praying for healing, but trusting that the Lord knows best. I hate cancer. We are heading down to visit Uncle David and family tomorrow.
These guys love playing games. This is the farthest they've ever gotten in this one before Ruby gets distracted. ;)
 She rolled the play dough and cut this snow man out all by herself!
 Ruby has started doing some chores for real. She did great at putting away the silverware and got them all in the right spots.
 A squirrel got run over in our driveway. :( Ruby kept looking out the window at it and saying, "I think he's sleeping." or "I think he's eating food." We tried explaining that it died and wouldn't come back alive.
 Then Andy dug a hole and Ruby helped him bury it. She likes to go visit the squirrel grave now. It's not so easy to explain death to a 2 1/2-year-old.
 Eating some dinner after dinner. She got her chair and wanted to sit at the coffee table while we watched Go Giants (who just won the pennant and are headed to the World Series again!!).
 He's out.
 On Monday we went up to Portland to do some returns and a little shopping. Ruby had fun in the Apple Store. Then a few days later, we went to the post office, and a Chinese restaurant called the Red Apple is next door to it. She said, "Look Mom, it's the Apple Store."
 She had lots of fun playing with Dr. Beverly Crusher.
 This guy loves Mickey. He's already getting so good at sitting in his high chair. He's constantly trying to sit up when he's laying down too. I can't believe he's so big already.
 Our pretty girl.
 So happy.
 She was reading the Sesame Street Treasury books. I love those books.
 French braid.
 She put applesauce on her quesadilla. It reminded me of my Dad who always puts applesauce on his bread.
 Watching Go Giants together.
 I let her watch Chip and Dale on the computer sometimes, and she always sits really funny. Kind of like me when I was a kid.
 Playing together. Ruby said, "We're both sharing." And I said, "No, Reid is sharing, you're just playing with his giraffe." :)
 These guys are too cute.
I adore them. Ruby always says, "Hi buddy," and talks to him like I do.

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  1. Yes, you did sit crazy in your chairs growing up!! Sweet pictures. Thanks so much for coming down today to be with all of us. Love you!


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