Thursday, October 30, 2014

25 weeks: Teeth! and potty training

Reid has been working on some new teeth this week. His bottom right and one of his top front teeth have popped through. The poor guy has not been sleeping well, which also means that Mommy has not been sleeping well... And now Ruby and Reid are both getting sick too. Oh, and Andy too. Ahhh! Hopefully this will all be over soon.
Ruby has been so funny lately. Tonight I was singing "Tomorrow" to her, and one part goes, "Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow there'll be sun." And she said, "Tomorrow we'll have quarters in our bottom." I laughed so hard.
 "These boots are so comfortable."
 Having a snack.
 She's been doing so good at potty training! We started on Friday. She has accidents sometimes, but she's getting really good at going all by herself. We even went to Winco today with her in undies with no accidents.
 Friday night was Fusion at church. Ruby and Andy made some art.
 She absolutely loved the singing and dancing.
 Reid has been loving baths in his pink bath tub. :)
 She got her hair all wet and said, "It looks so pretty." This girl just loves playing with water. Everything always ends up soaking wet all over the house. We go through so many towels.
 My three favorites.
 Cutie pie. She's been wearing no pants around so she can make it to the potty. She loves it.
 Helping with chores.
 Joining the family for dinner. We had Del and Patty down on Saturday night.
 He's sitting up so well! He loves sitting and looking around. Oh, and he's cute too.
 Ruby turned 33 months on Sunday. Her 3rd birthday is coming up soon!
 Sleepy snuggle time.
 Silly girl.
Ruby took this picture of Daddy holding her "baby." I think I said last week that she pushes out her tummy, then grunts and pushes out her baby. Then she takes care of it. It's hilarious. She's having lots of fun playing pretend. She also pretends to talk on the phone and makes us all be quiet.
 She took this one of Reid too. He's been drooling like crazy.
 Playing with a car.
 Making smoothies in her undies.
 She's been into making tents lately too.
 Licking some peanut butter off of the counter. There's never a dull moment with Ruby around.
 This green bag was her nursing cover, and she had tons of fun with the legos.
 He's sitting up by himself pretty well. He still falls over though. :)
 Family lego night.
 Monday morning snuggles with Daddy.
 We went to Story Time on Tuesday. Ruby wore undies to it and did great. She and her friend Hannah kept hugging and kissing each other. It was cute.
 "This looks like Gandalf."
 Reid's first little taste of food... he was not a fan of the Granny Smith.
 Eating cinnamon rolls for dessert.
 Go Giants! They won the World Series last night. :)
 She brought out her blanket and pillow, and guys, and took a "nap" in the kitchen.
 She was looking through this toy catalogue and deciding which toys Reid would like.
Fingers are so fun. And those quesadillas were delicious. She liked all of the dips, guacamole, sour cream, and salsa, mixed together.

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  1. Pretty funny about the "bottom dollar!". Miss all of you so much!! I love everyday pictures of what Ruby and Reid are up to. Thanks for sharing, it makes the miles a little closer.
    Love you all!


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