Thursday, October 2, 2014

21 weeks: Ruby turns 32 months, the beach, and sick again...

 Our cutie girl turned 32 months this week. She's so fun. She's been singing everything lately and making up songs to the tunes she knows. She really likes the two pirate songs from Peter Pan. When I sing her a new song, she asks me to sing it again a bunch of times, and then she sings it. She's such a fast learner and is great at carrying a tune.
Reid has really been into holding on to toys and playing with them. It's so cute. He's going to be 5 months old next week, which is crazy. He's such a sweet baby, either happy or really upset. There's no medium. :) But thankfully most of the time he's happy.
 We went to Rockaway Beach to celebrate Grandma Patty's 60th birthday over the weekend. We had lots of fun! It poured rain on our way there on Friday, but Saturday was a beautiful day.
 The kids in the morning.
 Reid practicing sitting up.
 This girl had so much fun at the beach. I packed her rain boots which was great, until she tromped through the stream so much that they were full of water. :) She was soaked.
 Andy fed leftover pancakes to the seagulls. They were pretty good at catching pieces mid-air.
 Ruby and Andy chased them away so they wouldn't poop on us.
 The gorgeous Pacific.
 Reidsy and Mommy.
 Ruby playing in the river.
 Andy got it in his head that he wanted to divert the river. So he spent lots of time and effort doing it.
 He got his family involved too. And of course, Ruby was helping.
 Her hair was so curly! And she was sandy and soaked.
 Their first attempt; it was not very successful.
 Then Reid decided to have a big poopy diaper and I had to change his whole outfit. He got lots of sand everywhere.
 "Here's your sand, Mommy."
 We had to strip her clothes and she rode back to the house wrapped up in a towel to keep her warm.
 Then we all had a little nap.
 Ruby's cousins came after that and we all headed to the beach again. Ruby wanted to stop and play at this park for a while first.
 She made a friend and they would "catch" each other on the slide.
 So cute. I love how social she is.
 Second attempt at diverting the stream; much more successful. Tony and Conner got in on it too.

 Ruby loved playing with her cousins.

 Giving Cora a kiss.
 Playing wall ball with Conner, Chloe and Charlotte.
 We headed home after dinner on Saturday. This was the gorgeous sunset.
 We bought Reid a new swaddle blanket because his other ones are either too small or don't wrap him tight enough. He's also sleeping much better in the pack n play now. He wakes up about twice a night. But some mornings he's wide awake super early, like 5:30 or 6. Ug.
 Cutie boy. I love this diaper.
 I took him to the nursery for a little bit on Sunday during church for the first time! He did great.
 He loves his Mickey.
 We went on a walk to the park on Sunday evening after dinner.
 Ruby had so much fun playing. She's really good at climbing the ladder.
 This one's my favorite. She burped and then got this surprised look on her face. :)
 Whee! She loves the slides.
 And the swings.
 She built this tower all by herself. It was so cute to watch her put the wrong block on, and then realize it and fix it.
 Reid had his first nap in the crib in Ruby's room.
 Tickle bug!
 We had a breakfast date with our friends Cassie and Aiden on Monday. These two are too cute. Then we all went to Motion Monday at the library. It's our favorite.
 She got into the sunscreen.

 She stacked these bowls all by herself.
 She went all the way out to the garden with me wearing Andy's flip flops.
 He looks like such a big boy in these clothes!
 He broke out of his swaddle! Maybe it's time to stop swaddling him... but he sleeps so much better when he is swaddled.
 I've been doing this in Ruby's hair, and I think it's so cute.
 Penny came over yesterday to play. They had lots of fun together, but then Ruby started pushing her and wouldn't stop... She had to go in time outs in her crib.
 Christmas duet.
 And then at the end they played together really well for a long time. They diapered the dolls and animals, and then went to swimming lessons (in the pantry). I love when she plays pretend.
 Post nap.
 He loves her so much.
 This morning Ruby woke up with a pretty stuffy nose. We went to Costco, and when we got back she didn't want to eat lunch. I took her temp and it was 101.2. I hate when she's sick. So the rest of the afternoon/evening she laid around. She would try to get up for a while, but then she would go back to bed or the couch. Poor girl.
 So we watched the French Chef and she liked it. :)
 I love these two.
 We ate dinner at the coffee table. She ate a few bites of apple sauce and laid down for most of it. Then she perked up for about an hour, and then went to bed early with her fever back at 101.2. I really hope she feels better soon, and that Reid doesn't get it.
He loves this little book toy and is feeling great so far.

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  1. Pretty cute pictures. That Ruby is thinking more, singing, climbing. They grow up so fast.
    Love her!! And Reid is getting clever!! He looks like he is saying "look at what I did" in the picture where he has escaped his swaddle! Love him! Miss you all.


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