Thursday, December 18, 2014

32 weeks: Getting ready for Christmas

It's been a fun week. The kids and I have done several Christmas crafts and things, which I always love (and so does Ruby!).
Reid finally got his eighth tooth in on the top left after working on it for a long long time. But several of them are still growing in, which makes his gums all red, and he hasn't been sleeping well at all. The other night there was only one hour on the clock that I didn't see. :( Needless to say, I'm exhausted. Nap time has not been good either, both kids have been hard to get to sleep. I just have to keep reminding myself that this is just a phase and that these years will go by quickly. I really do enjoy my little ones in spite of my exhaustion, and I love being at home with them. Poor Reid has a pretty bad rash under his chin from all the drool that accumulates from teething. It doesn't seem to bother him too much, so that's good. I've been putting some new stuff on it and it seems to be helping.
Ruby has been a little frustrating with potty training lately. She really doesn't like going potty anymore for some reason. She used to be so good about going, but now she resists. She doesn't have too many accidents, because I take her anyway, but it's still not easy. Hopefully she'll get it figured out soon.
 Ruby really enjoyed making Christmas cookies with me. Reid just had a ton of fun in his chair playing with a wooden spoon.
 Ruby has been loving to play "restaurant." She got us all three purses each with a set of keys (Reid's purse is a block that opens). Then we drive to the restaurant.
 At the restaurant she takes our order on a pad of paper, and then goes and gets us food. I made some paper money to pay her with, and she always asks for a dollar tip. It's so cute.
 Playing with toys and trains. It's so fun that he can sit up now.
On Tuesday we went to the Kroc Center to go swimming with some of our friends. The kids both had a great time. My friend Cassie's mom helped out with Reid and took him around in the pool. He was super chill and loved it.
 The three big kids showering off after the pool. Ruby, Logan, and Aiden is in the back.
 I wrapped presents this week. Ruby has been very interested in them. I caught her starting to unwrap one, but since then she hasn't tried. She did help me put bows on them, several of them got two bows. And she knows who each present is for.
 He's so drooly! And cute.
 This was my first attempt at a Christmas tree photo of the kids together. I'd say it's pretty much a success. :)
 Roth's has little kid shopping carts that we recently discovered. Ruby had so much fun pushing it around the store. She even bought her first thing. We got a little box of fishy crackers and she paid $1 for it. It was pretty much the cutest thing. Then she put the crackers, her receipt, and her penny change in her cart. The penny fell right through. And then we gave it to the Salvation Army bucket.
 We made a fun Christmas tree on the wall. Ruby had fun putting everything on it. And then singing about it. She sings to the real tree daily. At lunch today we had a conversation about singing to God, and she chose to sing Away in a Manger to God because Jesus is a baby.
 He's starting to push up a little more.
 This is the funniest thing. He likes to stick his hand out and hold on to the bumper while he sleeps.
 Trying out the bassinet.
Taking care of her baby.

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  1. so so cute!! Love each picture because Ruby and Reid are in them!


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