Friday, December 26, 2014

33 weeks: Quick trip to California and Christmas!

 It's been a crazy week. I'm so tired I could fall asleep at any moment. Reid has been sleeping horribly and we've been super busy. The kids have missed a few naps and have had several late nights this week. And on top of that, the kids both started getting sick on Tuesday. :( They're both really snotty and have a cough. Poor Reid seems pretty miserable. He's been sleeping with me all night because it's been nearly impossible to get him to sleep in his bassinet.
Aside from all of that, we had a wonderful Christmas. I think Reid may have forgotten how to roll over because he has been sitting so much. We've been doing more tummy time to try to get him to do it again. He's such a happy guy most of the time, except for when he's not feeling good.
Ruby has been singing everything and anything. It's the cutest. She was really good about leaving the Christmas presents alone, and on Christmas she insisted on helping everyone open their presents.
 I think he liked wearing these.
 On Friday, the kids and I headed down to Grenada for the funeral of my good friend Carrie Bryner's dad. He died suddenly last week and it was super sad. She's devastated, so it was nice to be there for her.
Ruby rocking Lupe in Grandma's rocking chair.
 I have a picture of myself just like this with my stuffed animals and dolls. :)
 We went to my parents' church on Sunday. This is Ruby at Sunday School.
 And my mom leading the singing.
 Me and this cutie on our way home on Sunday afternoon. We got to caravan with my parents, and my mom drove with me. That was a blessing!
 Playing at the rest area.
 My parents got to be up here for a few days, which was lots of fun. Reid with Grandpa John.
 He's getting to be such a big boy!
 We did Christmas presents with my parents on Monday morning.
 They had lots of fun.
 Then we went out to dinner on Monday night.
 Silly Grandpa.
 We went to the Mission Mill Christmas thing where they had lots of lights and activities. The kids both liked meeting Santa.
 Ruby got a Dr. kit and loves taking care of all of us. She always says, "Are you feeling sick?"
 Sleeping with his legs in the air. Ruby used to do this too.
 Tuesday night we went up to Dundee to have dinner with Uncle Paula and Aunt Paula and some of their kids. Heidi, Joel and Mary were all their with their spouses/families. Ruby and Jack had lots of fun playing together.
 Reid and Amelia are 12 days apart. It was fun to meet her!
 Me, Heidi and our babies.
 They loved each other!
 Cutie boy. He burned his finger on the wood stove, so he was a little upset most of the evening. He was also at the beginning of being sick, so that didn't help. And then Sam who is 2 broke his arm, so there were lots of tears.
 Such a cute boy.
This Christmas Eve photo took about a million tries.
Christmas morning! Ruby said, "It's a orange. Oranges don't go in stockings!"
 She was excited about her M&M's. And all the rest of her presents the whole morning.
Reid loved playing with his wrapping paper.
And he also loved his baby glockenspiel.
 Opening up her horses. She loves playing with them.
 We headed up to the Pullen's house after lunch. Then Reid got tired and took a Christmas nap.
 Reid playing with Cora. We ate pizza and had fun with the family playing Wii U.
 Aunt Courtney was practicing Aunt Becca's makeup for the wedding. Ruby was fascinated.
 Reid had fun walking around in this thing. He mostly went backwards.
 Sharing Daddy's pie.

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  1. Such sweet pictures. I'll have to find the one with you and your dolls/animals in bed. They would be almost identical - Ruby looks a lot like you in this picture. Would you send me the Christmas Eve picture of the two of them by email. That is super cute. Thanks for coming down here! I'm sorry your kids got sick, most likely from my cold. :(


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