Thursday, December 4, 2014

30 weeks: Thanksgiving!

What a week! It was lots of fun, but kind of crazy. At least the first part. On Wednesday we headed down to Grenada for Thanksgiving with my Mom's side of the family.
But before we get into that, here's a little update on the kids. Ruby has been playing pretend a lot lately, and it's so cute. Tonight at dinner she was pretending her sausage pieces were going potty (her fork was the potty). She pretends to talk on the phone, take our orders, her toys all play pretend, etc. It's so great. Reid started sitting up consistently on Friday! It's so nice now that I can put him down and he will just sit there. I always make sure nothing hard or sharp is nearby because he still falls over every once-in-a-while, but he's doing really good at it. He also got two new teeth and is up to seven now. He has one more about to pop through on the top left. He's still got a cough which is being stubborn, but he's not too snotty anymore. Diffusing RC (essential oil blend) at night really helps him to not get congested while he's asleep.
 On our way south. We got a bite to eat at A&W. Reid liked the menu.
 And Ruby liked the root beer freeze.
 Driving with Daddy. I took Ruby potty, and then on our way back to the car she said, "Look! It's my family!"
 This is how Ruby does road trips. Playing her alphabet toy. The kids are so great in the car.
 Meeting the horse that lives behind Grandma and Grandpa's house on Thanksgiving morning.
 The kids with their cousins. It was a lovely day on Thursday.
 Nap time...
 One of the amazing turkeys.
 Ruby saw Uncle David and ran up to him to give him a hug. She prays for him every day that he will feel better. Tonight at bed time we were talking and she said, "Uncle David will feel better when he goes to Jesus." I told her that God can make him get better here on the earth, or He can choose to take him to heaven where he will be better forever. We can only pray and trust Him. Then she said she has Jesus in her heart. I know she doesn't understand it yet, but she's trying. It's so special.
 Eating our delicious feast! I made two potato gratin, green beans with pecans, and my special cranberries. It was all so good. Uncle David got a huge plate of organic food and lots of stuff that he normally doesn't get to eat. The whole meal he was talking about how good it all was. It was so good to get to talk to him and just be with him.
 Reid eating his sweet potatoes. I think he's starting to like them a little bit more.
 Family sharing time.
 And family dessert time.
 Grandmas hanging out with the babies. David Daniel, Reid and Brett.
I made Uncle David this hat because he's losing his hair. He loved it and wore it a lot all weekend.
 Heading up to the snow on Friday!
 We got up into the mountains and it was snowing and really cold. I put Reid in his snow suit, but he was not a fan. It took me forever to get him to calm down back in the car, so we stayed there for a while while Ruby and Daddy played.
They built this cute little snow man.
And this is when Ruby realized how cold she was.
And so she had to sit in the car for a while too.
 So cozy.
 After everyone got their trees, we roasted hot dogs on a rake.
I tried to get a picture of Ruby and Jon, and this is the best I could do. :)
 Ruby put a blanket on her head on the way home.
 My loves in the snow.
 All bundled!
 Family photo.
 Grandma helped Ruby make some cookies.
 I love hearing Uncle David play the piano. Reid wanted to join in.
 The kids had so much fun playing together in the nursery.
 Dan helping out with the kids.
 Girls bath party.
 "Why I oughtta..."
 Aunt Mary playing with Reid.
 Carla and I unintentionally matched on Saturday. :)
 These boys are so fun. I love seeing them grow up together.
 Ruby entertained them so we could get a picture.
 Cousins and second cousins.
 Sweet Aunt Cindy.
 We seriously loved having that nursery to play in.
 Lia holding Reid.
 Talking to Uncle David.
 We made Ruby a little bed on a mattress on the floor of our room. It was really cute.
 Saturday night we went to the parade in Yreka.
 Oh Reid... You're so cute.
 This float had 4 trailers all attached to each other. It was epic.
Ruby got to meet Santa after the parade. She told him she wants "A huge diamond." (Prompted by Daddy, of course.)
 Then Dad took us all out for a delicious dinner, and then we came home and played Battleship. Randy brought his girlfriend Sophie home, and it was so great to hang out with her all weekend.
 Reid and Grandpa.
 We stopped by to see Carrie Bryner on our way home. She's due with her first baby in March.
 Sitting up so good! The Dessieux' had us over for authentic Haitian food on Sunday night. It was delicious!
 Ruby loves getting the cereal ready in the morning. She's even pretty good at pouring the milk without spilling.
 They love to play together!
 Such a big boy!
 She loves driving the car while I get Reid in and out.
 Grandma found the lid to Ruby's blender. So fun!
 Getting our Christmas tree!
 Ruby liked standing and jumping off of the stumps.
 And running through the trees.
 This is the one!
 Giving it water.
 This is how she's been eating her bananas lately.
 She absolutely loves our tree. She gives it hugs every morning and night.
 Tuesday was our anniversary! We dropped the kids off at the Pullens' house and went out to dinner at Piazza Italia. It was fun and delicious.
 Ruby wanted in on our picture.
 I really love this guy. We've had such a great 8 years of marriage. I'm excited for a lot more years together! He completes me. 
 These two!!
Playing Legos. 
 She loves holding him.
 We went on a walk to the bank yesterday. It was nice, but cold out.
 She's so cute in her fur lined coat.
 She lined up all of her trains on the chairs at the church and they were singing.
 Posing with the tree.
 Apparently Lupe got sick and had to go to the hospital. Her head hurt. Ruby said that play dough on her head helped it to feel better. I don't know where she comes up with these things.
 Ruby was naughty and threw a bunch of corn on the ground last night at dinner, so she had to clean it all up.
 Bath time!
 She's learning how to wink.
 Daddy headed to youth group tonight, so we watched Toy Story. Ruby was nursing Lupe while I was nursing Reid.
I love this cutie pie.
 This picture is from last week. This is how she was watching Mr. Rogers.

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  1. Lupe and the play dough made me laugh!! Lots of fun pictures here. Would love the one of Ruby and Reid together via email. Toward the end. Love these two and you two adults too. Happy Anniversary again!!


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