Friday, July 17, 2015


We've had a lot of down time to play this week. We haven't gone too many places, just mostly hung out at home together, which has been really nice.
Reid is learning tons of new words. He loves to say "uh-oh" when he drops things, and he's constantly trying to say new things. He's walking really well too. He's been sleeping weird though. I think he's starting to get his back molars in, because he's been drooling a ton and grinding his teeth again. I've been giving him teething tablets at night, which helped a ton. There were a few nights when he got up a lot, but now he's back to waking up 2-3 times and sleeping until 6:30-ish. He's mostly skipping his morning nap, except for this morning. He was really fussy, so he slept about 30 minutes and that helped a bunch.
Ruby is getting to be such a good helper. She's getting better about helping clean up, and loves to help cook. The other day she wanted to set the table, so she climbed up on the counter to get the plates down. I intervened, but I'm glad she wants to help!
As for me, we've been doing T25, going on week 6, and I've lost four pounds! I wasn't really trying to lose weight, but it came off anyway. I attribute it to working out in the evenings instead of eating my usual snack (ice cream, toast, etc). Also Shakeology I think has been helping a lot too. I'm loving striking up messages on Facebook with people to connect with them and invite them to a healthy journey with me. This Beachbody business is turning out to be a ton of fun!
 We check our biceps sometimes. :)
 She drew on the wall, and I had her wipe it off. Thank goodness for washable markers!
 He likes to try everything. I'm glad our front door is tough to open. Ruby usually can't even open it.
 I love rocking this guy to sleep. Lately though he's been wanting me to lay him down when he's still awake; with his blanket, of course.
 Grandma Debbie taught him how to climb up the slide... ;)
 Date night! Last Friday night Becca came over and we got to go out. It was lovely. We went to Clyde Common and Henry's, and got dessert, blue cheese fries, cocktails and shared a glass of wine. But mostly we just got to spend nice time together.
Then Saturday morning we took the kids to Grandma Patty's house and we went and picked all of these blackberries down the road from them! They were/are delicious. I froze most of them for use later this year.
 He's so cute when he's asleep.
 Dress-up at Grandma's.
 We went to Joel and Dana's house for dinner on Saturday. The kids loved their huge back yard.
 Joel read Ruby Cinderella.
 Andy taught Reid all about light sabers.
 Playing in the ice chest. They're so cute, I can hardly stand it.
 Ruby made this crown at Sunday School and wore it for most of the rest of the day.
 Sunday after nap we did our workout with the kids. They loved it! We usually do it after they go to bed, so it was fun for them to do it with us.
 Monday morning I gave Ruby a bath, and Reid was standing by the bathtub. I ran into their room real quick to get something, and when I came back this is what had happened! I took off his wet clothes and they had fun playing together for a long time. :)
 All wet! They really love playing outside in the water.
 On Monday night we went to the swim park in Lake Oswego with Grandpa, Grandma and Aunt Becca. It was a beautiful evening.
 Reid kept wanting to chase the geese.
 Swimming with Grandma!
 He didn't really like the frog thing.
 Ruby absolutely loved this little kiddy pool. I kept telling her that there was a kiddy pool to swim in that day, and when we were walking toward it she said, "Where's the cat pool?" I started laughing, and said, "No, it's kiddy like for kids, not kitty like cats." Hahahaha.
 She loved this little inner tube and used it the whole time.
 They both love to read.
 Playing with his trains!
 She was pretending that she was sick and used a bunch of kleenex.
 He really likes playing with the bike pedals.
 Daddy built them a little fort out of the couch cushions.
 Reid was standing on the drawer turning the nobs. So cute.
 They've been loving to play Legos.
 Reid finally learned how to suck on a sippy cup this week! Yay!! I'm glad, because we're going to a concert in a few weeks and I won't be here to nurse him at bed time. This is his first cup of whole milk. He liked it.
 This guy loves being outside. He always has. He cries non-stop when we bring him inside, or if we open the door and he can't go out. Like for 10 minutes. He's either super happy or screaming.
 Swimmy time!
 We love our back yard.
 He was playing, and then he walked over to me and said "bup" (which means "up"), and he just wanted to snuggle for a little bit. Then he went back to playing. <3 <3 <3
 They love music. And we have living room dances a lot. Reid just turns around in circles when we dance. So cute.
 Blind Man's Bluff!
 Reid was helping Daddy out.
 Reid's turn! He wasn't really a fan.
We did a little photo shoot with Reid. He's the cutest thing. He looks so much like Andy in this picture.
 And then he tried leaning on the sheet. Haha.
 Some of the best ones. :)
 We've been eating a special clean diet for a few days, doing 5 days total. This was our snack yesterday, and it was yummy! I don't want to be on a diet for sure, but I'm trying to figure out how to incorporate better things for us to eat. Especially lunches, I'm terrible at making healthy lunches.
 We picked more blackberries down the street yesterday. Reid just kept saying "ma ma" (more) when he wanted another one.
 Still playing Legos. In their undies.
 Whoa! Hard work is paying off! I'm seriously loving this program.
 Yogurt nose. :)
Ruby really likes to "take a shower" in her fan.

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