Friday, July 10, 2015

Sprunger family reunion 2015! And Reid is 14 months.

We had such a fun reunion this year with my family! We usually go to Juanita Lake down in northern California, but this year we decided to change it up and went to my Aunt and Uncle's house in Dundee, OR. It was so much closer to us which was so nice. And it was a ton of fun! Most of my family was there, only missing a few (including my brother and his wife). :( But it was still great. I've got lots of photos to show you!
Reid for some reason slept terribly last night! Up every 45 min - an hour. I have no idea why. He would cry hard, and when I went in there he would just start talking to me. So weird! I'm a little tired today. I did get to sleep in a bit this morning though, so that was good. Maybe he's starting to get his two-year molars. I'll have to check. It's been nice to have a teething break for a while.
 Andy didn't have to work on Friday, so we got a morning snuggle in before we headed off to camp!
 This was Ruby's favorite activity over the weekend. And Reid's too. They both love jumping!
 And swimming! Ruby did really good with her new floatie thing. When we went swimming with just our family on Saturday, she would swim pretty far by herself!
 This is how the adults beat the heat. And it's a great chance for conversations too! I love all of these guys.
 Ruby and Brett. So cute.
 Jumping again!
 A panorama of our family before dinner.
 And eating dinner!
 They had a fun sand pile. This was another favorite activity.
 Swimming with Grandpa!
 Aunt Paula and Uncle Paul did kid-focused devotions each day. It was so fun.
 Digging up rocky soil.
 The kids loved it!
 Watering her seed.
 Helping Grandpa with the flag on Independence Day.
 I went on a lovely jog with these ladies! I did almost 2 miles on hills, which is great for me not running in almost two years. That T25 we've been doing has really made a difference!
 Then we went on a walk. Ruby got tired (from late nights and no naps) and rode in the bottom of the stroller. Hah!
 And more jumping! The water was on, so I just stripped her down. :)
 He loves corn!
 The four babies. Amelia, David Daniel, Brett and Reid. It's so fun to watch them grow up together.
 And the babies with their mommies, Heidi, Carla, me and Holly.
 A photo of all of the kids (Maryanne is in Carla's tummy). :)
 More sand pile!
 4th of July sparklers! Ruby loved this.
 And then we did a giant Costco pack of fireworks.
 Ruby covered her ears the whole time, but she liked it.
Reid loved it too. And then it was so late that both of our kids fell asleep while we were watching them. Ruby kept her hands on her ears even in her sleep. Hah! 
Good morning! 
 Trying to wake up in the tent.
 We all headed to the beach at Neskowin on Sunday. It was windy!
We witnessed a car accident right behind us on the way. Thankfully no one was hurt, and we were able to help by calling 911 and Andy helped the people and talked to the EMT's.
 And then Ruby fell into a shallow part of the stream, so she had to get warmed up. She was soaked!
 Ruby and Isaiah buried themselves. It was so good to get to know the Greenman kids who are living with my parents right now. They're really sweet kids!
 Hanging out on the beach!
 Wind! He's just the cutest thing. We headed home after lunch, stopping by the Sprungers' house to grab our other car (we had to bring two to carry all of our stuff). The kids slept most of the way home.
 On Monday we met my family at Omsi to play. It was fun! Ruby loved the ball room.
 Reid loved the crane wheel.
 So tall!
 Both kids loved playing inside of this giant snake in the Ripley's believe it or not display.
 Ruby and Grandma loved talking on the phones.
 Ruby in the Hazmat suit.
 That evening we went to Chipotle for dinner and then to a park.
 Sweet girls! Ceylor, Lia, Annabelle and Paige.
 Cindy bought this cute book of flower fairies at Powell's, and these two reminded me of Ruby and Reid.

Tuesday morning I woke up at 4am feeling terrible, and then I felt horrible the whole rest of the day. It was no good. My body was aching and I couldn't get up. I think I fell asleep 5 or 6 times. Andy had to come home from work for a little while to take care of the kids. Thankfully I woke up on Wednesday feeling much better. A few other of my family members were sick too, so it must have been some kind of flu. No fun!
 This is what he does when I say, "Reid, where's your nose?"
She loves playing doctor. We had a lot of fun on Wednesday playing. My favorite things she said about the shots were, "This one is sparkly, so it will really hurt." "This one has a little bad spot, so it will only hurt a little bit." "This one has bugs in it so it will hurt a lot." I don't know where she gets this stuff.
 And then I got a shot in my cheek. Ouch!
 She's been napping in our bedroom, and going to bed in there too. It's much easier to put the kids to bed in separate rooms because they just keep each other awake if they're in the same one. Then we just move her to her bed when we're ready to go to sleep. It's been working pretty well!
 Eating some cheese and a cracker for snack. He likes to say cracker, more like "cah-ca."
 Playing in our back yard with Lupita (our neighbor) and some of her friends. :)
 Reid turned 14 months this week! I can't believe it, but I finally missed a monthly photo of Ruby in June. I haven't missed a single one in her whole life yet. Oh well, I guess I have to stop sometime. I doubt she'd be a big fan of laying on that quilt for photos when she's 14. Hah!
 Ruby and I have a nice, lovely case of head lice. Yuck. I think we got it from the movie theater a few weeks ago. My head started itching a few days after that and I couldn't figure out why. We used lice spray on our heads, and now we're doing an olive oil treatment every four days for three weeks. We do olive oil on our heads overnight with plastic wrap and bandanas. Ruby looks cute in hers. :) I'm hoping it is gone soon! The nit picking is really a pain.
 My Blueberry-basil Shakeology for the day. This was delicious! I am loving this plus working out every day. I feel amazing!
Rub lined up her horses to go to jail. Haha!
Last night after dinner we went on a walk to the park to play. We stopped at the baseball field, and we found a ball to play with.
Reid loved walking around everywhere!
Go Ruby!
She made it home.

And then she tagged Daddy out!
Playing at the park! He loves wheels. Maybe he'll be a bus driver like Grandpa.
Spinning together!

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  1. It was so much fun to be together!! Would you email me the picture of dad and Ruby and the flag? Love it! Love all these and those in them. Hope your lice problem is GONE soon!!


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