Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Crater Lake!

We went to Crater Lake this week with Andy's family and some close family friends. It was a lot of fun! And Crater Lake is amazing. Way bigger than I though it was. I haven't been there since I was a little kid so I didn't remember it.
Reid is getting around very well now with walking. He loves copying what we do also. I was watering the plants, then I put the pitcher back in the cupboard. He went into the kitchen and got it back out, then came to the living room where a plant is on the hearth and tried to water it. Crazy! And so cute. :) He's such a joy. I've been skipping his morning nap when he doesn't just fall asleep while I nurse him, but then he gets really tired at 11 or 12 and falls asleep if we're in the car at that point usually for a short nap. I can usually get him back to nap after lunch when Ruby naps.
Ruby has been a handful lately, but also a lot of fun. She loves making up stories and singing songs. We're working on not hitting when she's mad and on going to bed without a fuss.
Sweet smile.
Batter up! She actually got one good hit in batting lefty.
And we're off on our trip! Uncle Tony and Aunt Courtney slept in their cool car tent. The girls loved climbing up there.
Eating dinner on Friday night with John, Coraline, and Charlotte.
His face was pretty clean most of the weekend, except for this when he fell face-first in the dirt. :) Their feet, on the other hand, were a different story entirely.
We hiked about two miles up on the rim on Saturday morning. It was breathtaking! And the hike was a piece of cake since we've been working out every night, even with kids on our backs. We put Ruby in the Ergo because cliffs. Enough said. Plus she was pretty tired at that point with late nights and missed naps.
Reid fell asleep in the car on the way there, and stayed asleep when we put him on my back.
Wizard Island.
So beautiful!
This lake is seriously amazing. The deepest in the whole US at 2,000 feet deep.
These two...
Ruby loves her Grandma, Aunts and cousins.
Ruby with Aunt Becca.
Most of the group. Katie, Del and Coraline were out for a drive.
Lounging with Uncle Tony.
Enjoying a delicious apricot that Connie brought. Ruby and I ate at least 15 between the two of us probably.
These guys absolutely loved digging in the dirt. They got a good bath when we got home.
He's so cute! I can't hardly stand it.
Ruby waiting for dinner with Ryan.
Tickle time! He loves getting tickled.
Uncle Tony played non-stop with the kids. Baseball, capture the flag, tag, etc. They loved it.
Mmmmm. Dough boys. We introduced them to the family and they were a big hit!
And Ruby got her own marshmallow, put it on a stick and roasted it all by herself, and then wanted me to help her make the smore. She loved it. She's so independent now!
It was so hot while we were there. This guy got pretty thirsty.
More digging on Sunday morning.
They both crashed in the car on the way home, but only for about an hour. Then they went to bed early.
Snuggles on the couch!
Ruby sat in the dump truck and Reid started pushing her. They went all around the living room! It was Ruby's "wheel chair."
My mini-me. Our hair is pretty much identical. :)
Waiting by the door after a trip to the library.
He's been watching Ruby play with her shots. Such a smart baby. Also, it's been terribly hot! So we do just a diaper for him a lot.
She wanted a side ponytail after reading about it in a book.
They love to play on the mattress like this.
She peeled her own corn cob.
We all love corn on the cob! She eats it like my brother used to when he was little. :)
They really love each other.
We found a new fun park!
It's next to a fire station, so there is a play fire truck.
New toe nail polish...
But I neglected to put it away before I started vacuuming, and Ruby got into it. It was all over her, Reid, and the floor. Not fun. She felt really bad when she realized it wouldn't wash out. She apologized about six times the rest of the day. :(
We made a chocolate cake for our Sprunger family campout. Ruby loved helping with the chocolate chips, and she helped spread the frosting too. She ate a few in the process.
Post-bath snuggles.
All clean!

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  1. So glad you have time to get away with family! These pictures are so cute as are your sweet children. I love it that Ruby asked me to read her the bedtime story after I had scolded her about pushing Reid. They bounce back well! Love you! Get better!!!!


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