Sunday, October 11, 2015

Silliness, and Reid turns 17 months!

Our kids (okay, and us too) are so silly. They love to play and do silly things. They both like to sing a lot, dance a lot, and play a lot. This week was mostly full of playing. Reid started sleeping a little better and one night he only woke up one time! Hopefully that will continue. Ruby has been going poopy in the potty, which is a huge achievement. We're so proud of her, she's well on her way to getting her reward - a game called Zingo that she loves.
Reid is talking so much lately. Some of his favorite words are, "purple," "asgah" (not sure what that means still), "pretty," "goggie" (doggie), "uh-dee" (all done), "ball," and he says a ton more! So fun.
 Sending silly photos to Uncle Randall.
 He is fascinated by the dishwasher.
 Pretty girl!
 I gave her bananas with Nutella on them for dessert, and she loved it.
 She's been getting so independent. She loves spreading her own butter, jam, blackberry compote, etc.
 Doing workouts with kids is not so easy!
 Reading to Reid and our friend Nora.
 Going potty in the closet... don't ask. ;)
 He loves playing dress-up. He got these shoes on all by herself.
 Helping daddy make "Peanut butter jelly and sandwiches."
 Enjoying the music at church.
 Andy and Ruby did a little campout the other night in the back yard. They read stories and snuggled for a while until it got cold and then they came inside and Ruby went to bed. It was so cute.
 On Monday we went down to Aunt Paula's house for some produce. She gave us a bunch of apples, pears, figs, tomatoes, rhubarb... it was great! And Ruby really liked this little castle to play with.
They had the cutest little kittens. 
 The kids loved them. Ruby played with this one for a long time.
Reid liked Blacky a lot, he is a very sweet cat. 
Reid is getting really good with using a bowl and spoon! 
 And he LOVES helping clean up and then he goes to the trash and throws the paper towel away.
 Drum time early in the morning! I hope the neighbors didn't mind.
 We went to Omsi on Wednesday. Andy came with us for a few minutes. Ruby loves running on the brick lines.
 The kids had a ton of fun. They're a great age to go right now, and they like to do the things together.
 They especially like the little potty and sink in the bathroom. Perfect height for them.
Playing in the water. 
 Playing beavers.
 And... nap time. Omsi wore us all out.
 This guy has been so difficult to get his diaper changed. He squirms so bad!
 Silly Ruby.
 Ruby was replicating her experience in the back yard with Daddy with her dollies. It was the cutest thing.
 Playing with the birthday cake. Sometimes they play so well together. Other times, not so much.
 Ruby has gotten really good at drawing people! This was all of us with their cousin Charlotte.
 We went to a play date at someone's house. Reid loved their chickens and bunny.
 Look who turned 17 months old this week! He's such a silly, big guy.
 And Ruby had to join in the fun.
 I love her expressions.
 He LOVES his belly button and rubbing his tummy all the time. And he pokes it and says, "boop."
Doing jumping jacks together!

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  1. Cute kids doing such cute things!! Can you send me the picture of the two of them at the Omsi table? Miss all of you!


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