Thursday, October 1, 2015

Run Foster 5K

We ran a 5k on Saturday, and that was lots of fun! We hadn't been training at all for running, just doing our home workouts, and we did pretty good. It was super hilly so we didn't run the whole thing. It was to benefit foster care in Portland, and it was put on my my cousins' small group at their church. We'll definitely do it again next year.
Reid has been so cute lately. He has started singing, and it's the cutest thing. And he loves copying us and playing with us. When Ruby jumps out and says "Tada!" He jumps right out after her and says, "Tada!" It's the best.
Ruby has been so grown up lately. She has been very helpful and always wants to help with cooking and setting the table. And she even throws away trash and puts her clothes in her drawer some of the time. I love it! She's very polite too and usually says "thank you" to people. I sure love them a lot.
 She was cold, so I wrapped her up!
 Trying on my boots that were a little too big.
 He loves playing dress-up! He brings things to me and says, "hep! hep!" and when I take them he turns around so I can put them on him. And then he walks around all happy. It's hilarious!
 Clothes all lined up and ready to go on Friday night.
 Saturday morning 5k! Before the race...
 And after the race. We had fun.
 Me and my Peach.
 Me and my Bug. Grandma Patty came and hung out with them while we ran.
The Blazers mascot was there cheering us on.
 Both kids were still sick with a cold on Sunday, so we had to stay home from church. So Andy did a little bible lesson with Legos about Jesus calming the storm.
It was fun.
 They like to read together, but usually it only lasts about 30 seconds. :)
Getting their hair blown by the hair dryer. They loved it! 
 Lounging on Daddy.
 Del and Patty are selling their house, so we headed down there to help them move some things into storage. Ruby found this fun wig!
She went to lay outside. I don't think she quite gets tanning yet. ;) 
 But then we had a snack picnic outside. We have to enjoy the good weather while we still can!
 I opened up the blinds in their room and he looked outside and said, "Wow! Pretty!"
 My little loves.
 Sliding! He was going up and down over and over.
 He could sit and play in the dirt forever. He fills up the bucket and then dumps it out. And he loves mud. Uncle Randall will have to come teach him how to make mud pies (hint hint). ;)
 This boy loves being naked!
 We started P90X3 this week! It's intense, but it's going to be great.
 Reading in the early morning.
 I took the kids to the zoo on Tuesday. We were watching this crocodile, and then it jumped out of the water and snapped at something! It was a little crazy, but fun to watch. Thank goodness for the glass!
 The love climbing on the lion sculpture.
 Pillow fort!
 Post grocery shopping... they were tired. He was just laying on her leg, so sweet.
 She got her own snack ready, crackers, brie and a cheese knife. Hah!!
 Last night we went to watch the swifts roost, but unfortunately we missed the climax by a few days. There were only about 90 of them.
 Apparently a ton of people come out all month to watch them swirling around this chimney. We'll have to come a little earlier next year.
He found a little reading corner. He got the book out and it was upside down, so he turned it over and read it the right way. He's a pretty smart boy.

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  1. Life is just getting more fun by the day with these two!! Thanks for posting such fun pictures. Priceless and precious! Love you all!


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