Friday, October 16, 2015

Sick! Plus a bunch of other stuff.

This week started out a lot of fun. We got out, had adventures... and then I got sick. Ruby had a little cough, but on Wednesday night I started getting pretty congested. By Thursday when Andy got home from work, I had a full blown fever. I was curled up on the couch under a blanket for most of the evening, slept very fitfully with my fever, and then didn't feel too good today. But I'm feeling a bit better right now, my temp is down to 99, so that's good. My sinuses are pretty clogged, but hopefully that will get better and not worse. The poor kids have had to find things to do and sit for movies the last two days. I'm glad that I'm on the mend though, I think.
Reid is just the funniest little guy. I just looked back at my blog when Ruby was this age, and they were so similar! For example, she was eating pretty good with a spoon, she loved standing on her head and legs, she loved trying on shoes... exactly things he has been doing. Except he also loves to climb on the furniture.
Ruby has been doing really good with the potty. She's only 4 stickers away from earning Zingo! So excited about that.
 Eating his first whole apple. Well, Ruby had part of it and then gave it to him. He loved it.
 This is what tooth brushing time looks like at our house. There is a lot of time with all 4 of us in the bathroom for some reason.
 On Saturday we took a lovely walk around the waterfront. It was a little windy and it started raining a little bit right when we were almost back to the car. We parked on the East side and then walked a long way up to the Steel Bridge, then back down on the West side through Saturday Market. And then across the Morrison bridge and back to our car. It was way longer than we had intended to walk, but it was lovely.
 The kids like facing each other in the stroller.
 Rub had fun with all of the leaves.
 Gorgeous city!
 Wind on the Morrison Bridge.
 Reid had his first time feeding himself tomato soup. He loved it!
 They like to climb in the chairs. We went to early service on Sunday because I had Courtney's baby shower to go to in the afternoon.
 We played games Sunday night, and the kids loved it.
 They loved playing in the sink! It occupied them for quite a while.
 She was posing for my camera. Hilarious.
 Post-nap look.
 We have this lovely park about 10 minutes away, so we met Andy there after work for a picnic. The kids loved the ducks!
 Ruby had fun pushing Reid in the swing.
 So fun.
 We headed to the zoo on Tuesday and met some friends from Stayton. It was lots of fun!
 Reid posing.
 Looking for bears.
 And then we ate lunch on the field and the kids were more interested in the construction going on than they had been in the animals. Hah!
It was a little loud. 
The group of kids and the elephant in the back ground. We miss our Stayton friends! It was so good to see them. 
 We have this little squirrel who is very friendly and comes to our back door all the time. Probably because we throw nuts out for her.
 He sure loves playing in the back yard!
 Pirate Dirt Beard.
 Our leaf craft project.
 I made applesauce... it was delicious!
 We made perfume to sell, and then money too.
 They love to read!

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  1. Such fun pictures!! Love the sink shot.
    Can't wait to see you~


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