Friday, December 11, 2015

Reid turns 19 months!

We had a wet week!! Lots of rain and flooding in the Northwest. Our creek behind our house got a little flooded on Monday, but not anywhere near our yard. So needless to say, we did a lot of inside activities this week. But that makes for a lot of potential messes... the house has been a little bit out of control and hard to keep up with. But Andy has come to the rescue and even deep cleaned the kitchen and floor tonight. :)
Reid is talking so much! He has started putting words together, which is so fun. One of my favorite ones he says are "hep you" - and then he tries to get a chair and take it into the kitchen to help me cook. He learns new words every day. He has not been sleeping well though! The last few nights he has woken up every hour for part of the night. That has been rough for me. Hopefully he'll go back to waking up twice or so. That is doable. I'm going to work on night weaning him soon so we can all get more sleep. But he's not really interested in weaning yet. He loves to "us" (nurse).
Ruby has been loving to play imaginary things and to color. It is so fun to watch her think about things! She has been super excited for Christmas to come. We made a paper chain to help her know how many days are left, because she kept asking if it was tomorrow. I hid the Christmas presents somewhere and told her they are hidden. Today she said, "Mom, after you wrap the Christmas presents can you tell me where you hid them?" So funny. And today she was pretending that I was Santa Claus and she was Mrs. Claus, and she kept insisting I call her "honey."
 Cutie pie Reid. He loves trying things on.
 We did a few morning baths for something to do! They have fun with all of their bath toys.
He was cold, and it was pretty cute. 
 Post-nap snuggles. He loves to cuddle!
Ruby was playing that Reid was sick and put him to bed here. Haha! 
 My deep-cleaning man! He's the best.
 Reid likes sitting in the stroller and playing with the cake set. The kids love to play "birthday."
The kids were too snotty still to go to church again this week. :( So we had another at-home day. Sunday night I was going stir-crazy, so Ruby and I ran some errands. Went to Home Depot and she loved this play kitchen. We had fun picking out light bulbs and having a girl date.
 And then we found out we had lice again. :( It's the worst! Hopefully it's gone now, and hopefully we won't get it again.
 Our beautiful Christmas tree!
 Ruby was playing that she was a bride, and Andy was walking her down the aisle. Her veil was made from a mattress cover. Haha!
 Our creek at its highest on Monday!
 These guys have both been LOVING to color. It's so fun.
 We headed to Omsi on Tuesday to get out of the house for a little while. It was fun, as usual!
 But Ruby had to go poopy but didn't want to... so we spent about half of our time in the bathroom. She finally went. :)
 Reid's 19 month photo!! Both of our kids have had a growth spurt in the last few months. I just measured them on our growth chart, and they are at least 1 1/2 - 2 inches taller than 4 months ago!
We've gotten a few boxes from Christmas gifts arriving, and the kids have been having so much fun with them! This one is a long skinny one, and it has been so fun. Most of the time it is a fence.
On Wednesday I did a lot of chores, and Reid got into a lot of things! It's so hard to keep up with this guy. Ruby was the same at his age... and apparently so was I!
 Doing some Isometrix together. The kids love to do workouts with us.
 Coloring time! Ruby is getting really good at coloring inside the lines. And Reid is getting good at not eating the crayons!
 They play together so well sometimes. Other times... not so well.
She was cleaning the bathroom yesterday. Such a helpful girl!

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  1. I sure look forward to seeing these weekly pictures!!!! Cute as ever!


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